Jordan and Israel were carved out of Transjordan in 1948. Palestine never existed as a state nor was it a part of the Middle East script.

Two-state, not three state, solution occurred in 1948

By —— Bio and Archives--December 31, 2016

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Soon to be sidelined Secretary of State John Kerry wasted an hour and a half reinventing history December 28 after the Obama administration’s ambassador to the United Nations disgraced America by abstaining at the security council’s vote on Friday. His moronic remarks aren’t even worth referencing as he attempted to bolster an irredeemable action that endangered Israel’s very existence by pressuring the small state to return to indefensible borders.

Luckily, this is just another paper tiger U.N. resolution, one of numerous anti-Israel actions over the last 50 years (which makes one wonder why the august body ever recognized the Jewish state to begin with—but we’ll get to that). What is mind boggling is how the United States could allow itself to be sucked into sponsoring Hamas’ terrorism by refusing to support our ally, bringing to mind the old adage—With friends like this, who needs enemies?

The underlying problem is that a two-state solution creating a national entity based on Jewry’s ancestral homeland of Israel was one of the initial actions taken by the United Nations after its charter in 1945. The history of the Jewish land purchases from the declining Ottoman Empire, the endowment of the British Mandate and the artificial borders of Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Transjordan drawn in 1920 are detailed at this link.

The outcome of the final dissolution of the British Mandate in 1948 resulted in Transjordan being split into the two states of Jordan and Israel—the Hashemite kingdom in response to Arab populations and a Jewish nation that granted citizenship to all residents, including the Arabs living within its new borders. It isn’t necessary to delve into the tribal base and political reward that stood behind the new dynasty of Jordan. It’s enough to note that two states were carved out of the old Roman epithet of “Palestine” to serve the native and returning Jews as well as the nomadic Arabs. For, until the Zionists and other Jews showed up at the latter end of the 19th century, the region was a barren backwater that the Ottomans’ were overjoyed to sell off for hard cash to the returning heirs.

Immediately after Israel was declared an independent nation, the Muslim Nazi collaborators did everything to instill fear in the Arab communities within Israel and egg on a festering hate among the surrounding nations. Onslaught after onslaught was engineered from Nasser’s Egypt and every minor despot encompassing this tiny sliver of democracy. Yet the Israelis held on, protecting a barely defendable hodgepodge boundary that had even split Jerusalem, their ancient capital.

1967—again, Israel was encircled by armies poised for battle. Rather than wait for the invasion, Israel gathered its wisdom and courage to strike against the encroaching forces before they overran Israel’s artificially U.N. designed border. It took six days to rout the aggressors and re-establish part of the thousands-year-old boundaries, where Israel properly regained authority over hereditary lands as the spoils of war. Finally, Israel was defendable.

Perhaps this was a turning point for the United Nations to take an anti-Israel stance because its authority was being challenged, the miniscule state asserting control over ancestral lands the U.N. had denied it. Even here the Israeli government showed its willingness to placate the body and its neighbors by returning the Sinai to Egypt, but it kept its traditional capital Jerusalem united.

Over the years, Israel has damaged itself by handing back the Gaza Strip and other concessions that has further fed the Hamas-led shellings and terror attacks perpetrated from the air, underground tunnels and infiltrators. This current U.N. resolution, labeling citizen housing in Jerusalem and the West Bank as illegal, is meant for one purpose—to destabilize and demolish the State of Israel, which, no matter what Israel does to appease its neighbors, the so-called Palestinians will not rest until it is no more. Israel must give no credence to this blatant attack on its sovereignty, and the United States under a new president with moral fiber must stand by its side.

These are the borders that the U.N. has now, again, disputed in favor of a previously nonexistent people who’ve labeled themselves “Palestinians” as recently as the 1970s. Yassir Arafat, and his Palestinian Liberation Organization, named the people he bullied into refugee camps for decades just to establish his own fortune and power-base. From this beginning, the United Nations has gorged itself on anti-Semitism and jihad, encouraging the worldwide spread of the terrorist disease, creating the monster that is destroying the purpose for which the organization was supposedly chartered.

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Palestine, Palestinians and the whole Muslim supremacy philosophy are fictions and should be treated as such

It was at the hands of a newly birthed United Nations that the original two-state solution came about in 1948. Three states were never intended until terror tactics undermined dozens of its nation members. The Palestinian Authority has no historical claim to exist as an independent state or even an autonomous region.

Palestine, Palestinians and the whole Muslim supremacy philosophy are fictions and should be treated as such. The United Nations deserves to go the way of its predecessor, the League of Nations, as a failed, impotent institution filled with propagandizing self-important despots. And it is up to the United States to defund it, dissolve our membership and remove it from American shores.

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