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U.S. Constitution vs. Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals

By —— Bio and Archives--January 3, 2019

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U.S. Constitution vs. Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals
You might think that would be a ridiculous contest, but look around you and see what is going on, it might not be so ridiculous after all.

Ever since the election of Donald Trump, there has been a concerted effort to not only to try to undermine President Trump, but to undermine the U.S. Constitution itself.  Shutting down speakers on campus, rallying to ban or control guns, disseminating “fake news” as fact, and advancing the tactic of the “politics of personal destruction” are all part of the radical Alinsky agenda.


Stigmatizing opponents as “racists”, “sexists”, “homophobes”, and “Islamophobes”

The Alinskyites, mainly liberal Democrats and Progressives, use the tactics as listed in his famous book called, “Rules for Radicals”.  These tactics include the stigmatizing opponents as “racists”, “sexists”, “homophobes”, and “Islamophobes”.  The radicals often pretend to be what they are not.

The acolytes of Alinsky’s rules lie to their opponents (fake news) and disarm them pretending to be a moderate and mainstream liberal. The Alynskyites attempt to advance their radical goals by camouflaging them by changing their style to appear to be working within the system (the U.S. Constitution).

The radicals will most always champion following the Constitution to get your vote, but when they become the government it will be a different story.

The radicals are taught the art of miscommunication. They are trying to impose socialism (Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren etc.) on a country whose forefathers understood that socialism destroys freedom, so they avoid the use of the word socialism and in its place they sell it as “Progressive”, “Economic Democracy”, and “Social Justice”.  In other words, they will work within the system (the Constitution) until they can accumulate enough power to destroy it.

The radicals (Alinskyites) will try to sell the people on change by using terms and phrases like “Audacity of Hope”, “Yes, We Can”  (Obama’s terms). They do this selling of radical change by proposing “moderate” changes to the Constitution and laws which will open the door to more radical changes in the future (the old foot in the door syndrome).

The radicals, make no mistake about it, are at “war”, especially against the 1st and 2nd Amendments to the Constitution

The radicals, make no mistake about it, are at “war”, especially against the 1st and 2nd Amendments to the Constitution.  Shutting off “free speech” and religion (the 1st Amendment) and the control or banning of firearms (the 2nd Amendment) are at the forefront of their constitutional attacks.  Radicals perceive opponents of their causes as enemies on a battlefield, and they set about to destroy them by demonizing and discrediting them (that’s what the whole Trump “resistance” movement is all about).

So, in the battle between the United States Constitution vs, Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”, we must not let our guard down by believing the arguments the radicals propose, because it is all a charade by them to impose their will on an unsuspecting electorate who, these elitists, feel are a bunch of naive “hayseed” morons who voted for

Donald Trump.  President Trump, with all his personal “warts” and bombast, is the person to support in this quest for upholding the Constitution against the attacks by the radical Alynskyites.  We do not want to become the United States of Europe.


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