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Uganda’s president: I love Trump because ‘he tells Africans frankly’

By —— Bio and Archives--January 24, 2018

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Uganda's president: I love Trump because 'he tells Africans frankly'
Apparently not everyone in Africa is as easily offended as the American media or whoever else believes a word Dick Durbin says.

President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda isn’t even sure Donald Trump called African countries shitholes - and neither is anyone else who wasn’t in the meeting, since the renowned liar Durbin is the only on-the-record source saying he did - but Museveni doesn’t seem too concerned about it. In fact, he thinks it’s a sign of strength that you can deal with the president of the United States calling your country a shithole:

Uganda’s president says he loves President Donald Trump and that he should be praised for not mincing words.

“I love Trump because he tells Africans frankly,” President Yoweri Museveni said Tuesday, shortly after the U.S. ambassador apologized for Trump’s recent reference to African nations as “s—-hole countries.”

“I don’t know whether he was misquoted or whatever. But he talks to Africans frankly,” Museveni said. “In the world, you cannot survive if you are weak.”

The Ugandan leader was addressing members of the regional East African Legislative Assembly.

Several African nations have expressed shock and condemnation at Trump’s remark. He has denied using that language while others present says he did.

People who are concerned with results rather than politics, optics and narratives

What Museveni seems to understand that most others are missing, willfully in many cases, is that anything Trump did say was an off-the-cuff private remark and not intended for public consumption. Museveni surely understands that at one time or another just about every head of state has said something similar, not expecting it to be repeated to the media because most people who get invited to a private meeting don’t behave like that.

At any rate, many countries in Africa do fit Trump’s alleged description, and to whatever extent Uganda may be one, its president seems more concerned with improving things than with having a conniption fit over someone saying it.

He wouldn’t fit in too well in America. People who are concerned with results rather than politics, optics and narratives usually don’t. Then again, sometimes they become president here, to the horror of the news media and the political class.


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