UK Labour Party: Let’s ignore the will of the people and stay in the EU after all

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UK Labour Party: Let’s ignore the will of the people and stay in the EU after all
They don’t say it this way, of course. The voters of Great Britain rendered their verdict back in 2016, much to the dismay of the political class in the UK and throughout Europe, and British politicians still feel the need to give lip service to “respecting the will of the people.”

But they don’t respect it. The Labour Party especially has refused to back every conceivable path by which the UK can honor the will of its voters and negotiate an exit from the EU, and it makes no bones about the fact that it won’t support the current plans for doing so.


So with the deadline looming, it was inevitable that the Labour Party is now running up the flagpole the idea that most of Britain’s political class wants to see happen: Hold a second referendum to nullify the first, cancel Brexit and stay in the EU. It’s questionable whether they even can do so legally, but much like their friends the U.S. Democrats, they’ll get around the law if they can find a way:

If talks with the EU fail or parliament rejects a deal May brings back, Labour would firstly seek a new general election. If there is no possibility for one, Labour “must support all options remaining on the table, including campaigning for a public vote”, the motion says.

Starmer said a meeting of party officials on Sunday had agreed that any second vote could allow for Britons to vote to stay in the EU after all. That seemed to contradict the view expressed by the party’s finance spokesman, who has said a vote should be on how to leave the EU, not whether to do so.

“The question that would be asked was left open because we don’t yet know the circumstance we’ll find ourselves in,” Starmer said. “The meeting on Sunday was very clear that the question would be wide enough to encompass the option of remain. Nothing is being ruled out, including the option of remain.”

The government’s Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab said on Monday that Labour’s “nonsense” about a second referendum would encourage the EU to offer a “lousy” deal and most people in Britain just wanted politicians to get on with Brexit.

“Labour seem determined to take us all back to square one by rejecting a deal out of hand then trying to delay Brexit and re-run the referendum,” junior Brexit minister Robin Walker said in a statement.

“Labour promised to respect the referendum result, but are just playing political games and trying to frustrate it.”

Britain’s voters already had the chance to vote to remain, and they rejected it. They don’t like the way the EU compromises the UK’s sovereignty – particularly in the issue of immigration – and Britain was never on board with the euro as its currency, opting throughout the EU’s existence to remain with the British pound.

The problem with Brexit is not the decision to pursue it. It’s the failure of politicians to come up with a way to implement it. Going back to the voters now and asking them to let Britain remain in the EU after all is basically politicians admitting that they hadn’t been able to do their job in carrying out the will of the people – or didn’t really want to so they didn’t try very hard.

The EU was always an ill-conceived idea. Twenty or 30 years ago, people thought it would be a cool idea to turn the continent essentially into “the United States of Europe” and form an economic block as powerful and influential as the United States of America. What they didn’t understand is that it’s not mere economic affiliations that bind the United States of America. It’s also a shared belief in limited government and individual initiative that separates the USA from its European counterparts, not to mention a shared culture that you simply can’t reproduce on a continent of so many disparate and distinct nations.

But the EU tried its best to create mandates and restrictions that essentially bound its member nations. It tried to be far more than a defense alliance or even an international body of cooperation. It tried to essentially become a continent-wide managed economy, and in the course of trying to do so, it forced its member states to cede far too much self-determination to the collective.

That’s why the British people want out. They don’t want their politicians telling them they need a do-over because they couldn’t figure out how to get it done. They want them to buckle down and get it done. If the Labour Party thinks it can thumb its nose that blatantly at the voters, it’s going to find any turn in the driver’s seat short-lived.


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