Stone age misogyny on patrol

UK Police officers may be allowed to wear burkas while on duty

By —— Bio and Archives--September 9, 2016

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If you asked a liberal, they’d probably tell you that the planet’s number one symbol of oppression was the Confederate Flag.  Oh sure, they’d be tempted to go with the Bald Eagle, the Presidential Seal, or the National Anthem, but in the end, political correctness would probably win out.

In reality, the greatest symbol of oppression on planet Earth is the burka. ...And, if you live in England, it may be coming to a police officer near you!

That’s right; in the interest of “diversity,” Chief Constable David Thompson has suggested that burka-clad cops are by no means out of the question.


  Senior officers at West Midlands Police revealed they would discuss allowing the traditional Islamic dress to become part of Muslim female officers’ uniform at a recent meeting.

  Chief Constable, David Thompson, said he would look into employing officers who wear the burka as he looks to increase black and minority ethnic (BME) officers in the region to 30 per cent.

Nothing says “open, honest, and transparent police force” like being cuffed by someone whose identity is completely concealed by a hideous burlap sack.

I’ll be as blunt as I can possibly be: If you’re in a burka, you’re either a victim or a radical.  There’s no middle ground.  You’re either choosing an extremist way of life that’s incompatible with the modern western world, or it’s been forced upon you by a global band of stone age misogynists.

According to various reports, some 6,000 people applied for 1,000 jobs with the West Midlands Police force, England’s third largest.  So far, none of them have asked to shackle themselves within a burka.  That means Thompson is simply putting it out there, y’know, just in case anyone wants to make a case out of it.

  “Clearly we don’t have any barriers relating to the burka.

  As it stands we have not had any approaches from potential recruits asking to wear the burka, but if such an approach was made it is something we would have to consider.”

Of course, now that this has become a global news story, you can bet your bottom dollar that - eventually - some sort of agitator will make it an actual issue.  If the country then tries to refuse, well, sadly we all know where that will probably lead.

It’s disheartening to watch Britain self-immolate, but it appears they’ve become so open-minded that their brains have flopped out.

Congratulations to the West Midlands Police for recently placing 7th on a list of the nation’s top 50 “inclusive” employers.  We’re sure that will come as great comfort when radical Islamists run the force.


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