Israeli startup iNNOGING enables physicians to manipulate captured ultrasound video and perform a dynamic exam virtually without the patient present.

Ultrasound breakthrough allows doctors to examine patients remotely

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Ultrasound breakthrough allows doctors to examine patients remotely
The idea of ultrasound technology is to give radiologists a dynamic look at moving parts inside the body. However, most ultrasound scans today are done by technicians – so the radiologist is reviewing recorded images or video clips instead of seeing the full real-time picture.

As a result, the doctor may miss something important or send the patient for a repeat ultrasound or a more costly and invasive diagnostic imaging.


A new invention from Israel will enable physicians to manipulate captured ultrasound video and perform a virtual dynamic exam without the patient present.

“Ultrasound is a volume created by many frames, so all the data exist but cannot be seen. By taking apart the video and building it again we can navigate inside and see everything that’s going on,” explains Adi Baruch, cofounder and CEO of iNNOGING Medical.

“Our technology quite simply converts the video clip into a 3D model.”

The doctor maneuvers through this 3D model with iNNOGING’s Probe & Pad hardware attached to any computer. The probe is identical to the transducer used in a live ultrasound exam, while the pad simulates the patient’s body. There’s no special training needed for any doctor who already knows how to perform an ultrasound.—More…


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