North Carolina First, by which they actually mean North Carolina’s Taxes to the SEIU First

Unions Now Starting Their Own Political Party

By —— Bio and Archives--April 12, 2010

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Apparently the Democrats in North Carolina aren’t sufficiently leftist enough for the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). It appears that the SEIU, one of the largest and most powerful public employees unions in the nation, don’t have their hand deep enough in the taxpayer’s pockets so it is starting its own political party in the Tar Heel State, by passing the Democrats altogether.


The party is being called North Carolina First, by which they actually mean North Carolina’s Taxes to the SEIU First. Here is what the union says about their new party:

  For too long parties and politicians in Washington have worked more for their own political self interest, or worse, corporate special interests, instead of the hard working families of North Carolina.

  That’s why members of progressive groups across North Carolina, including the State Employees Association of North Carolina (SEANC) and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) began work to form North Carolina First to ensure that politicians put middle class families first and not their own special interests.

I mean imagine what this faux political party means, here. It means that we could have an elected official whose first loyalty is to the members of a union that makes its living off the backs of the taxpayers!

At some level we are used to having politicians whose first duty seems to be to steal more and more money from the taxpayers to payoff union pals, but at least we have the veneer of a pol interested in the greater good with the current system. And sometimes the unions do still lose even as they win all too often. But what we’d have with this party, however, is the veneer ripped away and a government of the union, for the union and paid for by the people.

This is the most cynical, un-American effort I’ve seen in quite a while. Let’s hope they fail miserably.



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