Placing the legitimate citizens of Arizona and the United States in serious jeopardy

United States Declares War on Arizona, Literally

By —— Bio and Archives--September 3, 2010

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In the opinion of usurper president and U. S. Constitution destroyer, Barack H. Obama, there is no legitimacy in any state to seek its own protection from foreign invasion with its concurrent and resultant damage to life, limb and property.


The Preamble to the Constitution lists the requirements of the federal government to our nation’s security.  One of those requirements is to “provide for the common defense.”  This is one of the responsibilities granted to the federals by the states.  If the feds can not or will not ‘provide for the common defense’, it is only reasonable that the state or states will have to do it themselves due to the abdication of responsibility by the federal government.

This is the situation in Arizona.  Hordes of illegal aliens have been coming across the federally controlled and unprotected borders; Obama and his inefficient Attorney General and Chief of Homeland Security with their malfeasance and contrary to law refusal to act in accordance with our Constitution’s mandates, do unnecessarily place the legitimate citizens of Arizona and the United States, in serious jeopardy. 

The only recourse for the Arizonans is to reclaim the responsibility for the provision of the common defense for their own protection.  An analogy would be when parents abandon their children leaving them unprotected and predators seeing this try to move in and harm the children and take over their home.  The children are physically and mentally mature enough to fight off the offenders and do so in order to prevent even more serious injury or death at the hands of the law breakers. 

Days later, the parents return and they see the children had to defend themselves against illegal alien attackers; what do they do; berate the children for protecting themselves because it was not what they were supposed to do even though they, the parents, weren’t there to do it?  I rather doubt that would happen, as the parents would be so thankful the children weren’t hurt they would be joyous and promise to never leave them unprotected again.

However, my friends, this is not how the Constitution is interpreted by the type of un-American creatures that inhabit and attempt to control our nation in this Administration.  Using the same analogy as above, Obama and AG Holder would have the kids arrested and charged with disobedience of government orders.

Obama proves over and over again his absolute disdain for our Constitution and his deep hate for our country.  His every speech contains at least one derogatory comment about the United States, and an equal amount of how great is the world of Islam.  And there are some people who just can’t see the truth for all of the lies that come out of his mouth. 

Now, even once totally conservative icon, Ann Coulter, is beginning to show signs of support and alibi-making for this Muslim-loving, Christian-hating son of Allah who seldom misses an opportunity to praise that religion while ignoring the Christian faith of more than three-quarters of all American citizens.  She recently stated that Obama was not a Muslim but that he was an atheist.  To that I say that she must not have heard Obama tell how wonderful and uplifting the sounds of the early morning prayer of Muslim that rings like music in your ears; or words to that effect.

If that man isn’t a Muslim, it sure appears that he would like to be.  I am not in possession of any secret information that proves he’s of that faith; but where he lived in Indonesia which is, I believe, almost totally Muslim, and went to a school where you had to be a Muslim to attend, sort of gives me the idea that he is a Muslim.  Don’t know about you, Ann, but I’d bet the ranch on it.

Coulter also derides the efforts of the many millions of people in this country that question Obama’s lack of natural born citizenship due to an absence of any REAL and legitimate proof; not including forged and not even legitimate ‘short-form’ documents that are easily obtained with little or no factual information.

But getting back to the usurper-in-chief and his henchmen who are going all out to protect foreign governments and causes like Palestine and Hamas and Imams who want to build Mosques in the shadows of where some sons of Allah killed 3000 Americans, while at the same time trying his damnedest to crucify a bona-fide, good old American state for crimes that they haven’t even come up with yet, probably hoping that they can expel them from our country.

If I had my way, Obama and his corrupt, and taxpayer money thieving bandits would be the first ones to go.  They have such unmitigated gall to have the rottenest Attorney General ever in our history file charges against Arizona for passing a law to give the state the protection that the federal government is responsible for maintaining but does absolutely nothing. 

And for their latest thing is, they have gotten the broad-beamed bimbo of the Clinton team, Madam Hillary, to file charges against the state with, can you believe it, the United Nations???  When ever has this country’s president had his number one accomplice ask the United Nations to consider charges to its Human Rights Commission?  The United Nations; without question the most corrupt group of individuals who condemn anything and everything the United States does and yet keeps its hands out looking for more graft and US taxpayer dollars.  They are as contemptible and worthless as a presidential czar looking to put the screws to senior citizens’ health care. 

The feds claim in their case against Arizona that the new law calls for racial profiling.  That state is overrun with a very dangerous bunch of illegal aliens, of which 90 plus percent are all of one race, gender and nationality.  Now how can they be accused of racial profiling when EVERYBODY that is trespassing is of the same ilk?  Proving once again; Obama is out to get Arizona no matter how often the lie is told.  What a pitiful bunch.

And finally we get to probably the one person, other than Governor Brewer, who Obama and his rogues would dearly love to injure, the inimitable, courageous and valiant Sheriff Joe Arpaio.  From even before Obama took office and named his lowlife miscreant Cabinet and Czars, he wanted Arpaio taken down.  Even now Joe is still riding high fighting illegal immigration, but Holder and the DOJ are yet preparing to get him out.

You ain’t done yet, Joe; don’t budge for those louts.


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Gerald A. “Jerry” McConnell, 92, of Hampton, died Sunday, February 19, 2017, at the Merrimack Valley Hospice House in Haverhill, Mass., surrounded by his loved ones. He was born May 27, 1924 in Altoona, Pa., the fifth son of the late John E. and Grace (Fletcher) McConnell.

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McConnell’s e-book about Guadalcanal, “Our Survival was Open to the Gravest Doubts


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