Particularly that annoying sexual stuff in Romans 1:26-27.

University of Iowa boots Christian student group for requiring leaders to believe in Christianity

By —— Bio and Archives--December 13, 2017

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University of Iowa boots Christian student group for requiring leaders to believe in Christianity
I’ve been telling you for some time now that the movements for gay rights and gay marriage aren’t really for the benefit of homosexuals at all. They’re a prop. What these movements are really about is creating a platform for an all-out attack on the Bible and on Christianity. The strategy is to so marginalize any moral objection to homosexuual sex that simply believing the Bible - which is clear on the subject - gets you excommunicated from polite society.

When the Supreme Court’s liberal wing plus Anthony Kennedy imposed gay marriage on the entire nation, Justice Kennedy claimed in his opinion that gay marriage would have no negative impact whatsoever on the rights of anyone else. That is manifestly false, as Justice Kennedy himself discovered last week when the Supremes had to hear arguments about whether a Christian bakery owner can be forced by the state to bake a cake for a gay wedding against the principles of his faith.

No negative impact on anyone’s rights, eh?

Another way this is playing out is via the nondiscrimination policies of public universities. In the brave new world, you are not allowed to adhere to any set of beliefs that doesn’t approve of homosexual sex. If you do, you will face sanction. And that’s what happened at the University of Iowa to a student group called The Business Leaders for Christ. As you might expect, this group requires anyone who seeks a leadership position in the group to adhere to the teachings of the Bible. It’s a Christian group. Christians believe the Bible and base our entire lives on it. This has been going on since about 28 A.D., give or take.

But that is no longer OK at American institutions like the University of Iowa:

The university stripped The Business Leaders in Christ of their status on campus after a member claimed he was denied a leadership position for being openly gay. The group, however, says the member was rejected because “he expressly stated that he rejected BLinC’s religious beliefs and would not follow them.”

“Members should conduct their careers without the greed, racism, sexual immorality and selfishness that all too often arise in business, political, and cultural institutions,” a portion of group’s statement of faith says.

University of Iowa spokesperson Anne Bassett issued a statement to Fox News accusing BLinC of violating the school’s Human Rights Policy and the Iowa Civil Rights Act.

“...When a voluntary student organization chooses to become a registered student organization, it must adhere to the mission of the university, the UI’s policies and procedures, and all local, state, and federal laws,” said Bassett, who also emphasized the school’s 20 religious student organizations on campus and “the worship opportunities in the surrounding community.”

As a de-registered student group, BLinC no longer receives funding or access to university facilities enjoyed by the other 500 student groups. To get back in the school’s good graces, BLinC would have to amended its statement of faith and submit an “acceptable plan” for selecting leaders.

“This is 2017, not 1984,” BLinC student president, Jacob Estell, said. “Our beliefs weren’t made by us, and they can’t be changed by us either—certainly not just to satisfy Orwellian government rules.”

There’s the obvious question here of why you’d want to be part of a Christian organization if you’re openly gay, since you’ve made a decision via your lifestyle to reject biblical morality. I would seriously question whether the member in question is a Christian at all, and I would suspect he only joined the group and sought a leadership position for the purpose of being “discriminated” against so he would have a pretext for filing a complaint.

I don’t know that, but it has that feel to it.

But let’s step back and examine the broader principle here. What the University of Iowa has done is establish that agreement with certain ideas is mandatory if you want to be an officially recognized student group, and support for homosexual sex is one of those non-negotiables. As such, that puts every Bible-believing Christian on the outs by definition.

There are ways to get around it, of course. You can claim to be OK with homosexuality in order to avoid the hassle. You can claim that your particular brand of Christianity doesn’t accept what the Bible clearly says on this one matter. Or you can pretend that being a Christian has nothing to do with the Bible and it’s just all about being chill and non-judgmental, man.


Continued below...

What you can’t do is stay faithful to the actual Word of God, because that puts you at odds with the university’s policies, plain and simple.

Now, Christian student groups can operate without university funding, and they can meet outside university facilities. The university’s refusal to sanction them doesn’t mean they have to stop existing or operating. In fact, there’s much to be said for operating independent of anyone else’s beneficience. I highly recommend it wherever possible.

But let the record show: It is official policy of the University of Iowa that believing the Bible is grounds for de-registration. That’s where we’ve come to as a culture. And we’ve come to this because it was the design all along. Homosexuality is the tool that’s being used because it’s so effective. You position anyone who doesn’t accept it as a “bigot” or a “hater” or “against love” or “against equality.” You tell people who have a gay family member that they can’t love their family member without approving of what they do, and you feel like you’re in an impossible position. It was always a false choice, but you were persuaded you had to make it, and so you did.

This was all intentional. It’s happening exactly the way it was supposed to. I don’t actually think Anthony Kennedy intended this result, but he’s wrought it nonetheless. Let’s see if he takes the opportunity to fix it, as he certainly should. That will only go so far, however. It remains a thoughtcrime on America’s public university campuses to believe the Bible. Before you send your children to a single one of them, you should at least have your eyes wide open about that fact.

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