There was no Military Coup

U.S. Supporting Communist Takeover of Honduras

By —— Bio and Archives--August 4, 2009

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imageI could probably make some money if I bet most people they could not tell me where Honduras is and which nations it borders.

It is in the Central American region of nations between Mexico and the Panama Canal. It is bordered by Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua.

There’s been attention paid to Honduras because its former president, Manuel Zelaya tried to do an end-run around its constitution to become the same kind of president-for-life as Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. Chavez, whose hero is Fidel Castro, is a flat-out Communist and, of course, he is supporting Zelaya’s return to power.

There was no Military Coup

Zelaya was arrested on June 28 by the Honduras military on the orders of its supreme court that had found him guilty of violating the constitution. The arrest also had the approval of the Honduran congress. This was not a military coup or overthrow as the U.S. State Department would like people to believe. Zelaya was arrested and flown to Costa Rica. He was replaced by Roberto Micheletti, a member of his own party.

The Economist reports that “In opinion polls 60%-70% of those who express an opinion say they do not object to Mr. Zelaya’s removal.” Honduras remains peaceful. There are no riots in the streets, protests demanding his return, et cetera. What does that tell you?

Despite reports to the contrary, Micheletti told reporters last week that Zelaya could return to Honduras only to face trial for abuse of power and other charges. "Under no circumstances will we let him take possession of the government," he said.

Here’s where it becomes obvious that President Obama has taken sides with those who prefer a Communist thug to a constitutional replacement until Honduran national elections can be held in November.

Obama has made no secret of his Marxist preferences. At the Trinidad and Tobago Summit of the Americans, he made it clear that he was eager to see a “new beginning” in the U.S. relationship with Cuba. It is still in the grip of the Castro brothers and Raul just gave a speech reaffirm that Cuba will remain a Communist dictatorship.

U.S. President opposing the peaceful and lawful transition of power in Honduras while favoring the OAS reinstatement Communist Cuba

At a recent meeting of the Organization of American States, steps were taken for Cuba to rejoin. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was among those voting to approve the acquittal of the Castro dictatorship. The State Department has refused to recognize the civil Honduran delegation that went to Washington to explain what occurred there.

Writing in Diario Las Americas, Miami, Amando Valladares, a former Cuban prisoner and a U.S. ambassador with the United Nations Commission on Human Rights during the Reagan and Bush governments, issued a strong warning that “the chancellors of the governments of the Americas could feel and see the grave internal Honduras situation, but all of them would rather wash their hands like Pilate did.”

The anti-Communist stand of Honduras is getting no support from the United States and, at the United Nations, there’s a debate regarding a new U.N. military doctrine called “Responsibility to Protect” that would be used as a cover to intervene in the sovereign affairs of a nation state. If approved, the first target would likely be Honduras.

Observers of events in the region believe that the U.S. would support a UN Security Council Resolution against the constitutional government of Honduras.

There is something obscene about a U.S. President opposing the peaceful and lawful transition of power in Honduras while favoring the OAS reinstatement Communist Cuba.

But that’s what you get when the first Marxist President of America makes policy.

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