Behar, who despises Trump voters, disagrees

Van Jones: Rage-filled Dems angry ‘at Every Single Person Who Voted for Trump’

By —— Bio and Archives--October 12, 2017

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Don’t look now, but Van Jones has become the latest lefty to acknowledge the fact that his preferred political party is having a tough time dealing with its 2016 loss.  Jones told the panel on The View - a show that is, apparently, still on the air - that liberals are a bunch of rage-filled hate machines who look down upon their alleged inferiors with a fiery, unbridled, arrogance.

OK, he didn’t go quite that far.

He did, however, suggest that Democrats haven’t learned their lesson, are filled with anger, and are more interested in attacking the people who rejected Hillary Clinton than in trying to retool their party to attract alienated voters.

“Right now I don’t see Democrats looking at the situation and saying, you know what, maybe we drew our circle too small, I love that we’re hugging LGBT and Muslims and all the people who usually don’t get a hug. We’re hugging them, but maybe we need a bigger hug, and include some of those folks in Appalachia.

When I listen to liberals, when they’re not on TV trying to make it sound good, we’re still in grief; we’re still mad. And we’re not just mad at Trump, who we should be mad at. We’re mad at every single person who voted for Trump, even people who have no jobs, even coal miners who have black lung disease and who are dying and Democrats don’t have anything to say about it for years.”

Ah, yes.  “Hugs.” I remember how Hillary “hugged” half the country by telling them they were irredeemable, deplorable, racists whose support she neither sought nor needed.  Good times.

Joy Behar, a woman who has referred to Trump voters as unpatriotic cowards who want to starve poor children, disagreed. She didn’t understand that Jones was talking about HER, and stubbornly wondered “who” Jones could possibly be referring to.

“In my conversations with liberals, it’s like ‘they,’ ‘those’ Trump voters, ‘them.’ ‘I don’t understand how those people could ever do that.’”

It seems Jones has figured out that, when you make “condescension toward average Americans” one of your party’s central platforms, you should expect some blowback from average Americans.

Fortunately, as Behar proves, the rest of the liberal intelligentsia isn’t ready to accept this fact.  So, they’re going to keep losing…

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