Socialism Kills: The best of the revolucion is yet to come. Suckers.

Venezuela to new mothers: We’re short on neonatal equipment, so make like kangaroos

By —— Bio and Archives--October 3, 2018

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Socialism Kills: The best of the revolucion is yet to come. Suckers.
“You’re making this up, right?”


“You’re looking for anything you can find to make socialism look bad, and you’re inventing some nonsense about hospitals in Venezuela telling new mothers to make like kangaroos because they don’t have proper neonatal equipment to properly care for them. That’s what you’re doing, isn’t it?”


It is not.

“OK, fine, you didn’t make it up, but you’re getting this from some right-wing fake news site funded by the Russians.”

Ever heard of Reuters?

Venezuela’s largest maternity hospital is asking mothers to care for non-critical premature babies with skin-to-skin contact known as “kangaroo care” rather than in incubators, as wards struggle with a lack of equipment.

At the Concepcion Palacios Hospital last week, doctors held tutorials to show nurses and mothers how to hold newborns against their bare chests inside a pouch or cloth wrap.

Researchers have identified kangaroo care – which has gained adherence in countries including the United States, Norway and Finland – as a way of lowering infant mortality and improving developmental outcomes for premature and underweight babies.

In Venezuela, where public hospitals face shortages of basic medicine and the flight of nurses and doctors abroad after five years of economic crisis, kangaroo care can also provide a way to reduce pressure on scarce resources.

A senior doctor at Concepcion Palacios, speaking anonymously, said the hospital lacked almost all material needed to treat patients, such as water, disinfectant, hospital beds, and useable cubicles.

The best of the revolucion is yet to come. Suckers.


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