"Alan, I don't know what is going on with you!"

VIDEO: Alan Dershowitz explains to horrified CNN drones why he's 'carrying water for Donald Trump'

By —— Bio and Archives--March 22, 2018

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VIDEO: Alan Dershowitz explains to horrified CNN drones why he's 'carrying water for Donald Trump'
If you want to see CNN’s bias on full display, you can’t do better than these nine minutes.

Alan Dershowitz is a legendary defense attorney who has always criticized extraordinary mechanisms to give special power to prosecutors and criminal investigators. One of the things Dershowitz has always hated is the concept of the special counsel or independent prosecutor. Why does he hate it? Because he knows that these special investigations always become out-of-control fishing expeditions. And he’s held that same position throughout presidencies of both parties, going back to Ken Starr investigating the Bill Clinton.


CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Jeffrey Toobin are mortified

So when Dershowitz takes the same position today about Robert Mueller and his investigation of the Russia thing, no one should be surprised. Dershowitz’s position is based on longstanding principle that has nothing to do with who the partisan players might be.

Yet CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Jeffrey Toobin are mortified. Why? They don’t even pretend. They’re mortified because the position Dershowitz takes might redound to the benefit of Donald Trump.


Dershowitz is one of those guys who you tend to think is firmly on your side because, when he agrees with you, he sounds so compelling and so principled. A lot of conservatives think Dershowitz - historically a Democrat and part of the O.J. Simpson defense team - came over to our side at some point because he’s been making arguments like this, as well as arguments in defense of Benjamin Netanyahu in particular and of Israel in general.

I don’t think Dershowitz has actually changed his partisan stripes at all, to the extent he ever had any. He just applies the same beliefs about the legal system to everyone and to every situation. We’ve argued here many times that special counsels quickly get out of control and there is usually no one willing to rein them in. A defense attorney is concerned with the rights of accused citizens, so it’s only natural for him not to like that. It would be partisan hackery in the extreme if he decided it was OK just this once because the aggrieved party is Donald Trump.

Yet Toobin, who apparenly was once Dershowitz’s law student, declares, “Alan, I don’t know what’s going on with you! This is not who you used to be!”

Meaning: Stop taking Donald Trump’s side!

This is who Dershowitz has always been. When you’re concerned with law and order he can drive you crazy, but he’s always held the same views about how the legal system should work, and he applies them without bias to everyone.

Unlike CNN.


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