So they’re going completely insane, not over Brett Kavanaugh, but over the fact that their only real play is in very serious jeopardy and they don’t have the slightest idea what else to try.

VIDEO compilation: Democrats absolutely losing their minds over Brett Kavanaugh

By —— Bio and Archives--July 11, 2018

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It’s not even so much that the gap is so wide between the reality of Brett Kavanaugh and their apparent concept of him. Imagining this guy as the destroyer of rights and lives that these people believe him to be simply boggles the mind. He is so clearly not that, it’s hard not to laugh yourself silly watching these people get so worked up about him.


But no, it’s really not that, because that would presume they’re making any serious attempt whatsoever to get their brains around who Brett Kavanaugh really is. They’re obviously not. They never do.

All this is playacting. They’re responding to the choice of the Generic Trump Court Nominee. Who he is and what his real record might be are irrelevant. They were rehearsing all these histrionics as soon as the news of Anthony Kennedy’s retirement came down. No one Trump chose would have elicited a response one iota different from what you’re about to see, because this is the script and they all stick to it.

That first woman sounded like she worked so hard to memorize her lines, it was all she could do to get every word right. Actual sincerity or inflection were far too much to ask. The woman after Kirsten Gillibrand probably needs to rest her larynx for a week or two. None of the rest of us will complain.

This is all a big performance, but that’s not to say they don’t care about this. Obviously they do, and it’s worth asking why Democrats are so exorcised about the prospect of another conservative Justice on the Supreme Court.

It’s really not hard to figure out. Democrats consider the courts their refuge when they can’t get the policy outcomes they want via the political process. Look what they did when President Trump imposed a travel ban they didn’t like. They ran to the courts and found a friendly judge who was willing to go way outside his actual authority and issue an injunction against it. That is not in any way the proper role of the judiciary, but the left really doesn’t care about proper roles. They care about getting their way however they need to do it, so if District Judge Derrick Watson is willing to strike down a presidential executive order, who cares that he doesn’t have the authority to do it? He did what they want. That’s all that matters.

The problem for the left is that a conservative Supreme Court ultimately puts the kibosh on all this, and will not allow the left to misuse the judiciary to cancel out its political losses. And Brett Kavanaugh solidifies that reality.

It has nothing to do with “all our rights” being on the line. Kavanaugh isn’t interested in taking away anyone’s rights. No conservative judge is. The only “right” the left really wants is the right to get whatever it wants via court order, regardless of whether the courts are properly authorized to issue such orders.

Brett Kavanaugh limits the power of government and ensures that its various elements don’t overstep their bounds, because the point of the Constitution is that the best way to protect the rights of the people is to limit the reach of government, and to prevent unaccountable fiefdoms from developing within it. That’s not what the left wants. The left wants to be able to use the government in ways no one can do anything about, which is why they love unaccountable bureaucracies like the Consumer and Financial Protection Bureau, which was designed by Elizabeth Warren to be able to go after any and every business it wants without any congressional oversight.

The reason you see these wild-eyed expressions is that the left really doesn’t think it can get what it wants without twisting and contorting the function of government in ways completely antithetical to the Constitution. And if there is a Supreme Court majority that won’t let them do it, there is nothing they can do about that.

So they’re going completely insane, not over Brett Kavanaugh, but over the fact that their only real play is in very serious jeopardy and they don’t have the slightest idea what else to try.


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