At least we know Caren Z. Turner won’t be running anything anymore

VIDEO: Cops not having it as Democrat lobbyist tries to explain what a very important person she is

By —— Bio and Archives--April 26, 2018

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VIDEO: Cops not having it as Democrat lobbyist tries to explain what a very important person she isI think honesty compels us to acknowledge that, in another circumstance, a self-important Republican is just as capable of acting like this.

But today’s video is of a haughty, self-important Democrat, so we’re going to roll with it.


Caren Z. Turner is (or was) a commissioner on the New York/New Jersey Port Authority, and she’s a Democrat lobbyist. Her daughter was a passenger in a car that’s being towed for expired registration. She was called there to pick up the those who were in the car, one of whom is her daughter. All she has to do is take them home. Her daughter wasn’t even the driver and isn’t in any legal trouble whatsoever.

But that’s not how she plays it. Instead, she decides to throw around what she thinks is her considerable weight, thinking she can intimidate these Tenafly, New Jersey police officers. That doesn’t go so well:

Full video: Port Authority commissioner confronts police during N.J. traffic stop

After the local media got ahold of the video and released it, Turner came under gigantic political heat and as a result found it necessary to resign.


You have to love how unafraid the cops are of her threats to go to the police commissioner or whoever, even going so far as to make sure she knows their badge numbers and names. They know they’ve done their job correctly and she’s being a complete bxxxxx.

By the way, do you get the impression that the kids wish she had never showed up and tried to play this game? The guy who was driving, and is getting his car towed, seems a lot more chill about the situation than Turner does. She’s making a total # of herself, and even the people she’s supposedly there to help wish she would stop helping and just shut up.

Like I said, I’ve seen self-important Republicans act like this too. The point to be made here is not so much a partisan one as a point about the kinds of people who populate the political class, and how they view themselves and the rest of us. This is why some of us aren’t inclined to trust people like this to try to run our lives.

At least we know Caren Z. Turner won’t be running anything anymore.


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