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VIDEO: DNC Vice Chair Keith Ellison says Kim Jong Un is acting more rationally than Trump

By —— Bio and Archives--August 13, 2017

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He was speaking to Netroots Nation, so maybe he figured he was among friends and it wouldn’t get out. Then again, the Washington Post and the Daily Beast were there. So, um, yeah . . . maybe he figured he was among friends and it wouldn’t get out. (Or that they would report it approvingly.)

Anyhoo . . . it got out:

I don’t suppose this really requires all that much analysis, but let’s take a quick look anyway. Kim Jong Un is threatning to fire nuclear missiles at a nation he is not at war with, which has at least a thousand times as much nuclear firepower as he does.

Donald Trump is warning Kim of the consequences of doing so.

Who is acting more irrationally? Clearly Donald Trump, if you’re a partisan Democrat and you simply have to make that assertion in order to maintain your partisan cred.

I would say Keith Ellison is an extremist crank and that you can’t ascribe the same level of insanity to the entire Democratic Party. But he’s their vice chair. He came close to be elected chairman. And there will be no call for him to apologize or step down because no one in the Democratic Party or within their propaganda apparatus (also known as the mainstream media) thinks he said anything wrong here.

It’s one thing to criticize the president, although I don’t personally think this is really the right time to do it. But whatever. Democrats gonna Democrat. But suggesting there is any degree of rationality from a guy whose every behavior shows him to be a madman, because that’s you think you have to say to make Donald Trump look bad . . . are you happy with what you’ve become, Democrats?

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