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VIDEO: Meet the Columbine survivor who’s working now to end gun-free zones

By —— Bio and Archives--March 19, 2018

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VIDEO: Meet the Columbine survivor who's working now to end gun-free zones
Seems to me Patrick Neville deserves a little more cred than the school-skippers. Not only did he survive Columbine, but he served in the Army and got elected to the Colorado House of Representatives.

And he’s doing his best to make use of the opportunity he has there, starting with his candor over the patent insanity that is state law that refuses to let teachers who are willing to so obtain a CCW and pack heat. I can’t say it any more eloquently than Neville does, so I won’t even try

Why are these teenage class-skippers the heroes of the media for merely walking out of class and chanting slogans

We’ve already been over how idiotic the arguments are against letting teachers and other school staff members carry on school grounds. If you’ve had the training and the background checks that are required, then you’re greatly improving any student’s odds of survival in the event of a school shooting when you’re armed.

Why are these teenage class-skippers the heroes of the media for merely walking out of class and chanting slogans, while a man who’s actually been through it and knows what it takes to stop it can only get attention from the likes of the Daily Signal and from us?

Oh. Right. We know why.

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