"Every time I mention that I supported Trump in this election, people get viscerally angry with me, and they don't think it's possible that there's anyone who thinks differently than they do."

VIDEO: Mr. Peterman goes off on Hollywood liberals for thinking they set the moral standard

By —— Bio and Archives--October 19, 2017

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The good news is that Mr. Peterman and Tim Whatley can go out for coffee and complain about Jerry, George and Elaine without yelling at each other. The even better news is that someone is finally pointing out that Hollywood is hardly in a position to be lecturing the rest of us about right and wrong at the moment:

Granted, Fox News is a bit of a safe space for statements like this, but I think it’s also true the rare Hollywood conservative is probably feeling a bit more brave about speaking up in the aftermath of the Weinstein revelations - especially given the likelihood that we’ve just seen the tip of the iceberg on that score.

I don’t recall being particularly aware of O’Hurley’s politics, as I don’t really make a point of finding that out about entertainers. I think that’s kind of the point he’s making as well. Entertainment isn’t really about that. It’s about producing an excellent show or film or stage play. That’s not to say a production can’t have a point of view - of course it can - but there’s a difference between having your own point of view and requiring everyone in your industry to agree with it.

The left seems to have confused persuasion with coercion, thinking its job is to shove a certain set of political beliefs down the throats of the nation while marginalizing everyone who like to work in the industry but dissents from the orthodoxy. You hear this a lot these days when left-wingers think they’re only talking amongst themselves: If we let that person have a job or be afforded any semblance of dignity, we’re normalizing his point of view when we need to be establishing it as beyond the pale.

You don’t persuade. You just parade the dissenters around as cautionary tales to warn of what will happen to anyone else who dares think such things, and the effect is supposed to be that people will conclude by deduction that these people must be awfully bad or they wouldn’t have to deal with such ostracization.

How well is that working for the left? Let’s see: 35 Republican governors, 31 state legislature in complete Republican control, a Republican House and Senate, President Donald Trump, public trust of the media at 31 percent.

They must need to do it even more!

Then again, sometimes your game gets exposed and the marginalized discover the courage to speak up. Keep talking, John O’Hurley.

The very pants I was on my way to return . . . now that’s interesting writing!

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