"What the hell was that?"

VIDEO: Night sky flashes, sonic boom sounds as meteor hits near Detroit

By —— Bio and Archives--January 17, 2018

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I’ll give you moment-by-moment because we saw and felt it like just about everyone else in Metro Detroit.

One minute my son Tony points out the window and says, “I saw a flash!”

We heard and felt a boom that felt like a truck had crashed into our building

Now we live on the fifth floor of our building in downtown Royal Oak, which is about 10 miles north of downtown Detroit. It’s not that unusual to see flashes in the distance, but it’s unusual on a snowy winter night.

A few minutes later, we heard and felt a boom that felt like a truck had crashed into our building. Tony and I immediately went out onto the balcony looking for the carnage, but saw nothing.

Onto Facebook and the early speculation was that metro Detroit had been hit by an earthquake.

But soon the reports came that a meteor had hit Metro Detroit, and this video seems to show the same thing Tony saw:

We’re still waiting for confirmation on exactly where it hit.

But check out this still shot from the above video. Keep in mind that this was taken at 8:15 p.m. (The time stamp is wrong.)

A lot of people are saying they thought someone was pounding on their doors. Others said they thought a tree had fallen in their yards.

Many were just asking: “What the hell was that?”

And Metro Detroit is a pretty large, sprawling metro area. I live in southeast Oakland County, and people I know as far away as western Wayne County - which is 35 minutes away - said they heard it as clearly as we did. And lots of people saw the flash in the sky.

Stuff burns up upon re-entering the earth’s atmosphere all the time. That’s what you’re seeing when you see a shooting star, which is really not a star at all. It’s just an object lighting up the sky before it crashes to the ground, if there’s even anything left of it when it stops flying through the air. It rarely attracts much attention.

This one must have been a monster.

UPDATE: Police radio listeners are saying it actually hit across the river in Canada. That must have been some boom for us to feel it all the way up here.

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