Bad guy boogie.

VIDEO: Perp thinks he's pretty funny dancing during arrest . . until cops send in the dog

By —— Bio and Archives--November 17, 2017

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VIDEO: Perp thinks he's pretty funny dancing during arrest . . until cops send in the dog, Bad guy boogie
I know this one feels kind of clickbaity, but I offer two defenses of myself: 1) Having reached the very mature age of 51 about 10 hours ago, I’ll decide what’s postworthy, thank you very much; 2) I actually see something serious and noteworthy in this. There’s a segment of the population that’s developed such a caustic antipathy toward police that they actually think it’s pretty damn funny to taunt the cops like this. Be a hero on Twitter by dancing for the cops while they’re trying to arrest you! Impress your friends!

The only problem is the little yelp at the end as the dog is sinking its teeth into his leg. I don’t think that was supposed to be a part of the performance:

Geez, the guy can’t say he wasn’t warned. “Get on the ground or we’ll release the dog.” It doesn’t really get much more binary than that, does it?

I wonder if this was an attempt to manufacture another “racist police” video he could use to light a fire under the Kaepernick contingent. If so, it’s going to have the opposite effect. The cops are calm and professional throughout the whole thing, as if they’ve seen it all before (which I’m sure they have) and they know just how much rope to give the guy before it’s enough already and it’s time for the canine cop to have a little flesh snack.

There’s also the ever-present possibility that he was high on something, of course. Here’s a narrative of what happened:

Police initially stopped the man for a traffic violation in the 7400 block of Homestead in northeast Houston. While talking to an officer, police say the man drove off.

Investigators caught back up with him but he refused to pull over.

Authorities ahead of the suspect threw down spike strips. The driver pulled over before hitting them along I-45 at the South Loop.

That’s when things got interesting.

The driver refused to get out of the car. Officers used a loudspeaker to shout instructions at him. One officer pointed a gun at him. The suspect appeared to be confused.

Chase suspect takes police orders as an opportunity to “bust a move.”

“At one point he backed up like he was going to run from the scene, potentially endangering officers by running across the freeway. At that point we deployed our K9 to safely take him into custody,” said HPD Lt. Larry Crowson.

The suspect will be charged with felony evading.

Investigators also say the suspect threw something from the vehicle during the pursuit. They are still working to find what it was.

Now let me a thought for all of you who criticize cops’ use of force and various other tactics in situations like this. It’s easy for you, after the fact in the cold light of day, to watch a video or hear a story recounted back to you and say, hey, it wasn’t necessary for them to use force in that situation. They could have done this or that.

Here’s a perfect example of how hard it is, in the moment, to know what type of threat you might be facing from a suspect who’s behavior is bizarre. First he refuses to pull over. Then he refuses to get out of the car. Then he starts dancing. You can say it’s funny but when you’re trying to make the arrest and the guy is not showing any signs of rationality, you can’t say for sure what he’s capable of and you have to assume he’s a threat - especially when he continues to defy the instructions you’re giving him.

The anthem-kneelers who accuse police of racist brutality should explain how they would handle themselves in situations like this. Not that they could, since they don’t have the slightest idea of how or why police are trained, nor do they appreciate how much danger to both police and suspects could be avoided if people would just stop being idiots in these situations and do what the officers tell them to do.

This guy should consider himself fortunate he only got a dog bite. Oh, and his cute little yelp was priceless.


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