VIDEO: What Tim Tebow did with the first pitch he saw as a professional baseball player

By —— Bio and Archives--September 29, 2016

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Call this mainly a feel-good video to start your day with - a gift from us to you before we return to whatever nonsense Hillary and her media megaphones are trying to shove down our throats today.

When the New York Mets signed Tim Tebow to a minor league contract a few weeks ago, the signing was widely derided as a silly publicity stunt - particularly by one especially contemptible sportswriter known to our readership as a vindictive obsessive stalker cockroach. But that’s what Raid is for.

Back to Tebow, you of course know his story well. Heisman Trophy winner, boldly outspoken Christian, and ultimately not quite talented enough to make it as a quarterback in the NFL - but high-profile enough to attract plenty of scorn from our aggressively secular culture. That’s Tim Tebow. So when he decided to hold a workout for baseball teams, that secular culture that so desperately wants him to shut up and go away wasn’t too thrilled, and immediately declared that this couldn’t be anything more than a publicity stunt by a guy who hasn’t played ball since high school 11 years ago.


I wrote at the time, and I’ll reiterate now, that if God has told Tebow to do this because He intends to use Tebow in baseball, then God will also give Tebow the anointing that will allow him to succeed. Apart from that, I agree that an assessment of Tebow’s chances on the athletic merits alone don’t suggest he has much chance of making it.

So about that anointing, let’s check the early returns, shall we? Here is what Tebow did with the first pitch he ever saw as a professional baseball player: (See Below)

Off a left-hander no less.  And to the opposite field. Very impressive.

Now just to be clear for those of you who are not huge baseball fans, Tebow is not playing for the actual New York Mets in the major leagues. He has a long ways to go to get there. Tebow is playing for the Mets’ team in the Florida Instructional League, which takes place in September and October for selected minor leaguers in the organizations of each team that holds spring training in Florida. (That’s half of MLB, with the other half using sites in Arizona.)


So that Cardinals pitcher who gave up the home run was not a major leaguer. He’s a prospect just like Tebow, and in all likelihood at least six or seven years younger than Tebow - who is definitely old at 29 to be considered any sort of prospect. And sure, anyone can put a good swing on one pitch and hit it out.

But what I’m tell you is this: Age and all other factors aside, if Tebow performs, Tebow will advance. And if he keeps performing as he advances, you can’t discount the possibility that he will shock the world and make it to the majors.

I continue to believe this can only happen if God’s put an anointing on his life so Tebow can do something for God’s glory in MLB. I don’t know if one home run means he has such an anointing. But I do know that one pitch into his minor league career, Tebow had a home run, a 1.000 batting average and a 4.000 slugging percentage. And not many guys ever do that.

And I also know this: What God decides to do is already done, regardless of who doesn’t believe it’s possible.


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