This is what she thinks "doing my job as mayor" means?

Violent criminals, sex offenders evaded ICE thanks to Oakland mayor warning them about raid

By —— Bio and Archives--March 6, 2018

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Violent criminals, sex offenders evaded ICE thanks to Oakland mayor warning them about raid
We told you last week that Libby Schaaf, Oakland’s Democrat mayor, had decided to be a friend to criminals in her town if that’s what it would take to battle her real enemy - Donald Trump. By warning illegals of an impending ICE raid, Schaaf assisted more than 800 illegals in escaping justice, even though more than 150 were in fact detained.

But now we know some of the details about just who Schaaf helped escape the law, and the details are not pretty:


One Mexican citizen had convictions for unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor and a conviction for driving under the influence (DUI), and had been deported in 2003.

Another who evaded capture had a conviction for sodomizing a drugged victim in 2012, as well as a DUI from this year—that Mexican citizen had also been previously deported in 2013.

Another illegal immigrant from Mexico, previously deported in 2014 for a conviction for armed robbery, also evaded capture.

While the individuals dodged authorities, it is also not clear if there was a definitive link between Schaaf’s statement and their disappearance.

An official briefed on the plans at the Department of Homeland Security told The New York Times that ICE agents typically find only about 30 percent of their targets during a sweep, meaning that many of the 800 who evaded capture may not have been caught either way.

Schaaf came under intense national pressure, including from the White House, for her actions. White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said the DOJ was conducting a review. But Schaaf stood by what she did.

“I did what I believe was right for my community as well as to protect public safety,” Schaaf said Friday, according to NBC Bay Area. “People should be able to live without fear or panic and know their rights and responsibilities as well as their recourses.”


Some of the things Democrats say to defend their indefensible actions are really something. If you are in violation of the law and actively attempting to evade authorities, why should you “be able to live without fear or panic”? Especially if you’re a sexual predator, armed robber or drunk driver, you’re a danger to the community. People should have the right not to have to live in fear of you, not the other way around.

What if someone who lives in Oakland decides not to pay their property taxes? Or parking tickets? What if they’re squatting in a building that’s in violation of the fire code? Would Schaaf order local authorites to take no action against them, because even the prospect of being held accountable for a violation of the law means they’re not living “without fear or panic”?

I realize this is what Democrats do. They take actions that cannot be defended in any way if dealt with on their merits, but they twist language to make what they’re doing sound virtuous even when it’s abominable.

So you intentionally helped dangerous criminals escape the law? Why, you weren’t doing that at all. You were helping them to “live without fear or panic.” That’s much, much nicer, isn’t it?

By the way, if you are in violation of the law, you do have a responsibility and you do have a recourse: Turn yourself in. You’ll get a lawyer to make sure your rights are protected, and you will no longer need to feel fear or panic of being apprehended because you’ve already taken responsibility for your actions. Unfortunately there are some 800 illegals in Oakland who don’t want to avail themselves of that recourse, so that’s why we need law enforcement.

Too bad law enforcement’s work is hampered by a mayor who takes the side of criminals. How is this woman not locked up herself?


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