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Viral liberal video: Tipping is racist, and guess the white supremacist responsible for our racist tipping laws!

By —— Bio and Archives--August 15, 2018

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Viral liberal video: Tipping is racist, and guess the white supremacist responsible for our racist tipping laws!
With everything else the left is incensed about these days, you could be forgiven for missing this one, but for the past few years it’s been a very trendy liberal cause to rail against tipping. I suppose this stems from the fact that customers freely choose the amounts they tip servers, and to a large extent it’s merit-based. Since the left assumes just about everyone is a seething racist, they also assume you’re making your tipping decisions not on the basis of how well you were served, but on the basis of the skin color or gender of the server or whatever.


Because you have nothing more to think about than how much you don’t like people based on their skin pigmentation. That’s what happens, you see, when you let anyone make their own free choices about anything. This is why everything needs to be equalized and controlled by politicians. Otherwise you might tip a minority less than the young social justice warriors of the world think is fair.

Obvious solution: Let Elizabeth Warren decide what all servers will be paid.

What I didn’t know until I saw this, however, is that the dirty, vile, black-hating racist who got all this codified into U.S. law 22 years ago is none other than . . . our boss?

He strikes me as an unlikely white supremacist, but it’s probably my fault for having failed to think like these geniuses:

So U.S. law facilitates the racist institution of tipping, which screws black people by design, because of the efforts of none other than Mr. Herman Cain.

Reluctant as I am to take the arguments in this video seriously enough to bother rebutting them, let’s consider for a second what they’re suggesting. It’s basically the one of the biggest correlation-without-causation situations you’ll ever see. The practice of tipping, as the video itself acknowledges, started in Europe, not in the United States.

American restaurants started embracing it because it worked well in Europe for restaurant owners, customers and employees. Obviously the employees who gave the best service got the best tips, but overall the system helped make the economics of running a restaurant more feasible. You can keep food prices low and wage overhead reasonable, and encourage employees to earn additional income by taking good care of their customers.

Obviously every customer will make his or her tipping decision based on factors they uniquely choose as important, but as a general trend you’re going to find that the more conscientious servers make better tips. And the server who really hustles and really takes good care of the customer has a much higher upside potential to earn money than one who works in an all-wage, no-tip establishment.

I have no idea if the statistics they cite are true about women and minorities being tipped less, but if they are they could be all kinds of explanations apart from racism – starting with the fact that you’ll have a higher percentage of minority employees working in lower-income areas where customers ability to afford generous tips is limited.

A server who works on tips is like an independent contractor whose ability to earn income is limited only by his or her willingness to work hard and do well at the job. That’s a bit too entrepreneurial for the young, SJW left, which is forever reading on Vox and HuffPo about the evils of tipping. If they want to be paid the same as everyone else regardless of merit, they should get a union job, if any union factories are still in business.

But everything is racist, and now you know who the evil white supremacist is that’s keeping this anti-black practice alive. Shame on you, boss!


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