The not-so-new 'Ballot Harvesting'

Vote Harvest in November

By —— Bio and Archives--November 1, 2014

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Vote Harvest in November, Colorado,

Democrats and Republicans believe the other side steals votes. Accusations are flying in all directions. The Democrats are desperate.  Early signs already point towards a GOP improvement in Congress in terms of numbers, and a Senate that will belong to the Republicans starting next year.


According to the Associated Press, the Republicans already have a huge lead in Colorado’s early voting. The AP points out that it is common for the GOP to jump out ahead early, but as the vote comes in, normally their leads diminish. However, in Colorado, the early leads are not normally as large as we are seeing right now.

The reality among Democrats may be that they have realized they can’t win without voter fraud. Arguments already exist that the Democrats did not actually win the presidential election in 2012, and it took fraud to get the very unpopular Barack Obama back into the White House. As it stands now, the Republicans are looking like they may take back control of the United States Senate. The GOP, if the vote turns out as polls indicate, would gain a very narrow majority, but a majority indeed.

As voting machines in Maryland and Illinois automatically change Republican votes to Democrat votes, Democrats call requiring voters to show identification “voter suppression.” Last night, I was talking to a Republican voter who told me during the last election, when he showed up to vote, someone had already voted for him, and signed his name. He was told he could provide a provisional ballot, but it would probably not matter. So, while people’s votes are being stolen without identification being allowed because Democrats claim it is voter suppression, those same Democrats were silent when the New Black Panthers were intimidating voters at the polls in Philadelphia in 2008. Attorney General Eric Holder, despite all of the evidence, and the incredibly ridiculously illegal nature of what the New Black Panthers did, then dropped the charges against them.

Democrats are claiming the Republicans are committing voter fraud by purging voter rolls of duplicate voters

Now, through a report performed by al Jazeera America, the Democrats are claiming the Republicans are committing voter fraud by purging voter rolls of duplicate voters. Leftist writers are claiming the Republicans in charge of purging the rolls are targeting black, Hispanic and Asian voters, claiming the voter roll purges are purely racist in nature. Remember, the argument being used by Democrats against voter ID laws is the race card, as well, despite the obvious reality that requiring ID to prove the person voting is the person on the list will help in cutting down on fraud.

New York News and Politics has gone so far as to equate voter ID laws with poll taxes, which were taxes required in some States at the polls, designed to target minority voters too poor to pay the tax, and a practice outlawed in every State by the 24th Amendment.

My first question regarding the Left’s argument that some people are so poor they are unable to get identification has always confused me. If some people are so poor they can’t secure ID, then how is it they are able to cash their welfare checks?

Democrats are willing to do anything they can to gain an upper hand in elections, like projecting their fraudulent activities upon the GOP, pandering to minority groups, and doing what they can to allow people who should not be voting to do so regardless of the laws.

The liberal left believes the way to ensure they continue to keep some semblance of control, and perhaps take control of the United States Government in perpetuity, is through the Hispanic vote. So, they are doing all they can to secure that vote. A part of the strategy for the Democrats is to get as many Hispanics in Democrat races as they can, and in fact a large number of these candidates are Hispanic women. The idea is to increase voter turnout for the Democrats, in both the Hispanic vote, and the female vote.

But how much of that Hispanic vote is by illegal aliens? Are the Democrats courting those that cannot legally vote?

La Raza, a Marxist Hispanic organization, who is pro-amnesty, in an effort to enable illegal voters to get around Voter ID laws, is putting out the message to these potential illegal voters on where to go where identification is not required. They are encouraging illegal aliens to vote, and are telling them where to go to ensure they can pull off their illegal voting without getting caught.

All of this after in Colorado, James O’Keefe caught Democrats on camera claiming cities in Colorado are great for voter fraud, largely because of their vote-by-mail system. And everyone gets a vote by mail ballot, whether they requested one, or not, and whether they still live in Colorado, or not. Anyone can vote, just sign the name on the mail-in-ballot, even if it is not your name. Use ballots that aren’t yours. They call it “Ballot Harvesting.” Reality calls it “illegal,” and “voter fraud.”

The Colorado voter fraud problem is the story the Democrats have been calling a false story. They want to you to discount voter fraud, to shrug your shoulders, and say in unison with the liberal left liars, “There goes them racist Republicans, again.”

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