Most of all, believe in success to achieve success!

Want to be rich? It's your habits that make the difference!

By —— Bio and Archives--May 1, 2014

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Want to be successful? Want to be rich?

A lot of people would have you believe it’s all about luck and privilege, or where you were born, or who you know. But it’s not. Those things can put you in a better position, without a doubt, but no one builds real wealth or maintains real wealth without maintaining good habits. By the same token, if you’re struggling financially, don’t believe the people who tell you there’s nothing you can do about it. Establishing and maintaining good habits puts you in a strong position to break out of a difficult position and to move into a better one.


I’ve known enough successful people that I can tell you from my own experience this is true. But don’t just take my word for it. Here’s the proof. According to a variety of sources, here are several daily habits of the rich and successful:

  • WAKE UP EARLY:  According to social media marketing company NowSourcing, the world’s wealthiest people each earn more than $160,000 per year, and have $3.2 million in assets. And approximately 44 percent of them wake up 3 hours before work to do things like manage their mutual funds—compared to only 3 percent of the poor, who are defined as those with an annual income below $30,000, and with less than $5,000 in assets.
  • KEEP A TO DO LIST: Whether you’re rich or poor, there’s always so much to do and yet so little time. Maybe that’s why rich people are so fond of the “To Do” list. Fully 81 percent maintain a To Do list—while only 9 percent of poor people do the same.
  • READ: Love to read? If so, you’re in fine company! 86 percent of rich people love reading, compared to only 26 percent of poor people. And most of them make a habit of it. A staggering 88 percent of rich people read for 30 or more minutes each day—compared to a mere 2 percent of poor people.
  • WATCH LESS TV: If you’re one of the world’s richest people, you’re less likely to watch much TV. Maybe that’s because you’re too busy building and maintaining your wealth. Or maybe it’s just not a priority. A total of 65 percent of the rich limit their TV watching to 1 hour or less per day. Only 24 percent of the poor do the same.
  • AVOID REALITY TV: When wealthy people do watch TV, it’s less likely to be the reality variety that they turn to. Only 10 percent watch reality TV—compared to 77 percent of poor people.
  • WRITE DOWN YOUR GOALS: How do the rich achieve so much? Maybe it’s because they’re so goal-oriented. They not only have goals—they also make a point of writing them down. Around 67 percent of the world’s wealthiest people put their goals into writing, compared to just 17 percent of the poorest.
  • FOCUS ON ACCOMPLISHING A SPECIFIC GOAL: The well-off not only have a list of goals—they prioritize them and work hard to achieve them. A high 80 percent of wealthy people focus on accomplishing a specific goal. That compares to just 12 percent of poor people.
  • EXERCISE: Most rich people place a high value on physical fitness. Around 76 percent of the wealthy exercise aerobically 4 days per week—compared to just 23 percent of the poor.
  • BELIEVE GOOD HABITS CREATE OPPORTUNITY: A high proportion of rich people believe in establishing and maintaining good habits. Roughly 84 percent of the wealthy believe good habits create opportunity. Only 4 percent of the poor believe that. Conversely, 76 percent of the rich think bad habits have a negative impact. Only 9 percent of poor people are inclined to agree with them.
  • Just because the economy sucks, you can’t find a job, your business is struggling, and the government is not your friend, don’t stop doing the things that successful people do.

    Most of all, believe in success to achieve success!


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