The liberal media should have pushed for this years ago

We’ve finally found what causes gun purchases to drop: A Republican president

By —— Bio and Archives--March 6, 2017

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In the last eight years, the liberal media’s call for more gun control has backfired. Even as the media have echoed the narrative of the Democrats following every violent incident involving a firearm, the American people have rejected their propaganda.

Purchasing a gun requires a background check through an FBI database, so that measure is an indication of the trend for buying guns. Here’s what it tells us: In 2009, the first year of the 44th president, there were just over 14 million background checks run through the FBI system. At the end of 2016, the last year of the 44th president, background checks were over 27 million.

In January 2017. the number of background checks was down by nearly 500,000 compared with January 2016

In January 2017. the number of background checks was down by nearly 500,000 compared with January 2016.

Here’s my take on these facts: Scare tactics and blaming the guns caused people to buy more guns.

The more the Democrat administration and the liberal media wanted people to believe that we needed more gun control, the more people didn’t believe it. But just in case the liberals were able to ram through more gun control legislation, people wanted to already have their guns, and plenty of them.

Now that we have a president who says that the Second Amendment will be protected, the fear of government overreach appears to be subsiding.

They asked for this war. We didn’t.

There’s another big takeaway here: People are not as gullible and stupid as the liberals assume they are. This does not bode well for the rise of fake news and other propaganda against the Trump Administration, or the all-out obstruction, by some, of anything Trump.


But conservative voices are going to have to continue to point out the fake news, the propaganda, the deception, the distractions and the lies. That’s because shouting louder and causing violence are the only tactics the liberals have left to try to stop President Trump’s path to prosperity for this nation.

This voice, this site and all of its digital and media properties are turning up the volume as we speak! We will not be shouted down or intimidated.

They asked for this war. We didn’t.

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