If you jump in too deep in this mass murder business, someday a bigger, stronger and saner group will come knocking. "Liberal" America is not immune in the least.

We've regressed

By —— Bio and Archives--February 2, 2019

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The Nazi Euthanasia Program-- AKTION  T4We’ve finally regressed to the Nazi T-4 Program in all but name.  You know, where we get to murder all “life unworthy of life”.

That was the Nazi line which ok’d doctors to sign off on mental illness, chronic alcoholics, folks with gross anatomical abnormalities, folks with incurable diseases, people with STDs, babies with birth defects, babies afflicted with hydro- and macro-cephaly, babies with Down’s syndrome, and send them to places like Bernburg, Brandenburg, Grafeneck, Hadamar, Hartheim, and Sonnenstein.


There the babies were either left to starve alone in a bassinet shunted off into a room full of similar cases or they were killed quickly with a shot of phenol to the heart.  The older folks were murdered in gas chambers, the precursors of those used at Sobibor, Chelmno, Treblinka, and Auschwitz. The bodies were cremated in ovens like those enormous burners provided by J.A. Topf and Söhne to the entire camp system and later used on the industrial scale in the annihilation camps (Vernichtungslagers).  Some 200,000 were killed in Germany and Austria while another 100,000 lost their lives outside the Reich.

But it didn’t go without a hitch.  A few leading Protestant and Catholic clerics spoke up against T-4.  Lutheran theologian Friedrich von Bodelschwingh (director of the Bethel Institution for Epilepsy at Bielefeld) and Pastor Paul-Gerhard Braune (director of the Hoffnungstal Institution near Berlin) protested.  As did Bishop Heinrich Wienken of Berlin, a leading member of the Caritas Association.  Importantly, the Bishop of Münster, Clemens August Graf von Galen, gave four sermons criticizing the Nazis, calling on them to halt T-4 and sent the text to Hitler via telegram, an act of extreme bravery.  Later, on June 29, 1943, Pope Pius XII issued the encyclical Mystici corporis Christi, in which he condemned that “physically deformed people, mentally disturbed people and hereditarily ill people have at times been robbed of their lives” in Germany. Following this, in September 1943, a bold condemnation was read by bishops from pulpits across Germany, denouncing the killing of “the innocent and defenceless mentally handicapped and mentally ill, the incurably infirm and fatally wounded, innocent hostages and disarmed prisoners of war and criminal offenders, people of a foreign race or descent”.

As a result of the growing fracas in Germany arising from T-4, Hitler ordered the suspension of the T4 killings on August 24 1941, while the German armies were hip deep in Russia and the death squads were completing their Holocaust by bullets behind the German lines by shooting Red Army commissars, communist functionaries, POW’s, Jews, gypsies, partisans, bandits, troublemakers and anyone who got in the way of German rule.  T-4 continued, of course, but the scale was far smaller.

Would our evangelical leaders speak up today?  Have they spoken up about the bold new face of NY and CA?  So, now we can deliver a nine month full-term baby, have a partial birth, and kill it under the “pseudo-guise” of women’s “choice” and “health”.  But it’s not murder in CA or NY, no sirree!  The few decades since I was a cop have transformed wholesale murder of helpless infants into the quaint question of a mother’s health and choice.

Some physicians, with top players like Rahm Emanuel’s brother, Ezekiel, have also taken up the beating of Black Jack Kavorkian’s drum and are calling for doctor assisted suicide without the involvement of the patient.  After all, everyone knows that the patients, a la Terri Schiavo, can never be trusted to make the right decision.  That is, of course, to be trusted in choosing death.  And it’s also well known that a patient in a coma, who can’t be quizzed in order to demonstrate that they’re oriented x 3 and found compos mentis, would certainly choose death a majority of the time because where they’re at ain’t disco.  Better to just kill them to be on the safe side in our enlightened and liberal society.

If we can kill the foregoing off, why not start killing those who have simply become a “burden” on a family and the state.  There’s that cost to the family and the bureaucratic state of keeping a guy in some assisted living joint for decades on Medicare well past his being ripe.  And when you’re ripe, you’re ready to go, everybody knows that.  Even though a total idiot like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is now dancing to the Medicare For All Ragtime, she just hasn’t met the right Trotskyite or Beria-type yet who’ll convince her of the need to start killing (offing, clipping or airing out, retiring or mowing down, if you will) all the classes of people I’ve listed above because she can and because it’d save some dough which she can then spend on some more idiocy like free college for everyone who’s never worked nor paid a tax and free phones for folk who never got an Obama phone and free beds for everybody in the Western Hemisphere because it’s only fair and both the US Constitution and that of Uganda, according to Justices Ginsburg and Kagan, state that sleep is a guaranteed right. 

Ah, murder is easy, but once you start down it’s slippery slope, especially when you’ve practiced on babies, the infirm, the aged, the troubled and those different from your Elle magazine cover by the tens of millions, your time will eventually be up.  Especially after the arrival of saner heads.

Ask leading T-4 Nazis, who once planned on ruling a national socialist world, like SS-Gruppenführer Leonardo Conti, who hanged himself in his cell awaiting his final walk up the gibbets.  Or SS-Gruppenführer Dr. Ernst-Robert Grawitz, who blew himself and his family up with grenades rather than face the final curtain call in late April 1945.  Finally, call on Reichsleiter Philipp Bouhler and his wife, Helene, who were arrested by American troops at Schloss Fischhorn in Bruck near Zell-am-See on May 10, 1945. Thereafter, both committed suicide with Helene jumping from a window at Schloss Fischhorn and Bouhler using a cyanide capsule while in the US internment camp at Zell-am-See to avoid the hangman.

Naw, if you jump in too deep in this mass murder business, someday a bigger, stronger and saner group will come knocking.  “Liberal” America is not immune in the least.


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