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What The Heck Happened in Alabama?

By —— Bio and Archives--December 17, 2017

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What The Heck Happened in Alabama
Years ago, my brother David gave me a nugget of wisdom. He advised, “When faced with a crisis, stabilize your emotions before responding/acting.” Thus, I thought it best to wait a day or so before sharing my thoughts about Roy Moore losing in Alabama.

Moore’s loss simply does not make sense. Alabama is a red state. It is hard to believe Alabama voters chose Jones, a guy who supports killing babies even at the point of birth over 38 year old unproven sexual misconduct allegations against Moore. Yes, I smell the foul stench of democrat voter fraud in the Alabama senate race.

We’ve heard the term partial-birth abortion, but most folks don’t know what it is. The abortionist takes the entire baby out of its mother except for the head. He then shoves scissors into the baby’s brain to kill it. http://bit.ly/1TQAslN Planned Parenthood is elated when abortionists can murder the baby without too much damage to the baby’s head. Intact heads sell for premium prices. Jones supports this horrific evil.

Rather that believing Alabama voters knowingly chose a man who supports murdering babies and trafficking their body parts, I tend to believe fake news media successfully hid Jones’ hostility towards unborn innocent human life. Leftists celebrate Jones’ mindset because Leftists deem killing babies environmentally responsible; necessary to save the planet from too many humans. Step on a spotted frog and Leftists are outraged at you!

Like nothing we’ve seen before, Leftists saturated the airwaves, social media and fake news media with 24/7 attacks on Moore, his wife and anyone supportive of him.

I want to thank Judge Moore for hanging in there when everyone and their brother on both sides of the political aisle demanded that he get out of the race. Moore said the allegations were untrue and he was not running away. I loved it; a real man with a steel backbone.

I realize we lost an important senate seat. But I am so sick of Republicans behaving like spineless wimps; allowing Leftists to dictate the rules of engagement; who we’re allowed to run, what is acceptable speech, what is racist, what is presidential and so on. When Leftists say, “Jump” the typical Republican response is, “How high?”

Folks, we throw our warriors under the bus far too quickly; reacting to Leftists’ and fake news media’s lies, distortions and smears. We have fallen for this Democrat and fake news media tag-team tactic far too many times.

We pray for courageous conservative Republican warriors who will fight on our behalf in Washington DC. When God sends us a hero, establishment elites, democrats, Hollywood and fake news media join together in a 24/7 campaign to brand our hero a kook, racist, sexist, mean-spirited, stupid and insane. Suddenly, folks on our side begin backing away, embarrassed to be associated with our brave conservative warrior. Folks, I have seen this happen with Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, Judge Moore and others.

Meanwhile, democrats run candidates who are the scum of the earth; liars, con-artists, sexual predators and thieves. Leftists’ media promotes democrat scoundrel candidates as our superiors with compassion for the little guy. We Conservative/Republicans abandon our candidates every time Leftists point out our candidate’s inability to walk on water.

It is amazing how effective Leftists media’s 24/7 relentless negative branding can be. Sarah Palin did an awesome job as governor of Alaska. When she became the Republican VP nominee, suddenly the woman is a complete idiot according to Leftists and fake news media. The American Left viciously and relentlessly politically spun, twisted and distorted every word out of Palin’s mouth to brand her stupid and crazy.

Wimpish Conservatives/Republicans began saying we must get rid of Palin because the media made her toxic. I was outraged. Is this how we treat our friends, our heroes, our warriors? I thought, “News flash, anyone we send to DC who is committed to fighting for our principles, values and best interest will be branded a wacko airhead by fake news media.” This is the tactic the American Left is using to get rid of Trump; branding him mean, dumb and unstable.

I have no problem with Trump being Trump; tweeting and so on. Leftist media will negatively spin whatever Trumps says. Therefore, I love Trump sticking it to them, not allowing Leftists to control him. I hate Republican’s typical fearful kowtowing to Leftists’ narratives and dictates.

Trump has made incredible headway in an extraordinary short time; unshackling us from the chains of political correctness and rolling back Obama’s punish-America agenda. God knew as an outsider Trump would be undeterred by fake news media’s dictates regarding acceptable Republican behavior. Trump’s fearlessness terrifies and enrages fake news media and their fellow Leftists. They are obsessed with getting Trump out of the White House.

After a week of intensely campaigning for Judge Moore, his loss was unexpected. But this was just one battle. All I know to do is trust God and continue faithfully fighting the good fight for my country; backing real-deal courageous conservative candidates; our warrior heroes.

My wife Mary and I will fly home and enjoy Christmas with our family.

Come next year, we’ll be back on the road fighting to keep Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer out of power. Please stand firm in your support for our president.

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Lloyd Marcus is the songwriter and vocalist of the American Tea Party Anthem. He currently serves as president of NAACPC (National Association for the Advancement of Conservative People of Color). Visit his website at LloydMarcus.com

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