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White House doctor: Sorry Dems. Trump in great shape, has all his marbles

By —— Bio and Archives--January 17, 2018

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White House doctor: Sorry Dems. Trump in great shape, has all his marbles
President Trump, as you may or may not know, is completely insane.  When he’s not screaming at the gorilla channel, he’s berating his staff, muttering to himself, and taking an axe to the White House doors while screaming “Heeeere’s Donny!”

OK, fine, I made that last bit up - but it wouldn’t surprise me if some lefty “news outfit” made the claim.  To be more accurate, they’d “voice their grave concern” that he might have gone all “Jack Torrance” after a big bucket of KFC in the hedge maze.  Then they’d get some hack experts on, ask them to comment on Trump’s sanity without ever having met the man, and clutch at their pearls about the direction this potential madman was taking us.

Also, they’d engage in a little fat-shaming, proclaim his heart a cold lump of butter and grease, and suggest that he could keel over at any moment.

.... At least, that’s what they’ve been doing for months now.  Until yesterday, they showed no signs of slowing down. Then the White House doctor - the same White House doc that Dems were more than happy to trust when he was diagnosing Barack Obama - threw a big ol’ wrench into their narrative:

Wait, what!? That can’t be! He’s supposed to be a complete mess!  The narrative said so!

Well, at least they can still claim he’s losing his mind, right?  Wrong. The President demanded an unnecessary cognitive exam, just to make progressives happy.  He achieved a perfect score of 30 out of 30. It appears his marbles are all present and accounted for.

To be clear, this won’t make the folks at CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, and MSNBC drop the “mental fitness” canard.  They’re all-in on the idea that the President is unstable, and that plot line is just too valuable to abandon. What it will do is make them look like even bigger idiots every time they bring up their ridiculous 25th Amendment removal scheme.

There’s now a quick, easy, and concise way to refute the claim that Donald Trump has lost it.  Outwardly, nothing will change, but deep-down lefties will know that yet another one of their narratives has crashed and burned.

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