Gee, what a surprise! President and his family are not attending Christmas services

White(house) Christmas without Christ

By —— Bio and Archives--December 24, 2009

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A writer for TIME magazine reports that the president and his family are not attending Christmas services. Gee, what a surprise! Barack Hussein Obama has consistently shown his lack of understanding of the Holy Bible, his disdain for the spiritual meaning of Christmas (no Nativity crèche in the White House), and his propensity to bow to Muslim leaders.


But the fact is that NO TRUE CHRISTIAN can support abortion and the federal funding thereof. Don’t give me the “representative of the majority” nonsense. Here we sit on the precipice of the massive mountain of federal control of the health care system in America.  The vast majority, liberals included, are against this thievery—yet the arrogance of Washington and the Democratic sleaze presses on in total disregard of the American public it should be serving. 

The Constitution is in the shredder and has been since the new administration began moving with Blitzkrieg speed to control the sure and certain enslavement of the people through ungodly spending bills and back room deals in which Representatives and Senators have sold what little soul they might have left.

How can a politician who claims to be a Christian—Catholic, Protestant, or otherwise—truly and with clear conscience vote for federal funding of abortion? The answer is they can’t IF they truly are Christians. 

But if the United States were truly a Christian Nation and still rooted in Godly principles then there are many other “cant’s” that should be evidence of the faith.

Politicians claiming to be Christian CAN’T vote for massive irresponsible spending bills and still be good stewards of our resources.

Politicians claiming to be Christian CAN’T vote for federal control of rights that are protected by our Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Politicians claiming to be Christian CAN’T vote for legislation that makes a mockery of marriage by condoning same sex unions.

Truth is sometimes unpalatable. When George Barna’s research shows evidence that many who call themselves Christian have moved away from the foundational principles of the faith and a majority of so called Christians do not attend church, do not read the Holy Bible, are doubters and truly have taken on the name of Christ in vain—is it any surprise that God’s influence in Washington as well as His influence in America has declined to the point of irrelevance!

We have begun to reap what has been sown.  The disintegration of the family, the disregard for the sanctity of life, the growth of greed and avarice have brought us to a point reminiscent of Israel in the time of Judges. “Everyone did what was right in their own eyes”.



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Dave Macy (aka: Dave Deppisch) spent 30 years as a conservative talk host on a variety of stations in markets like Atlanta, Nashville, Toledo, and Ft. Wayne. He was drawn out of his profession into the ministry and now serves as an associate pastor. He preaches several times a year and is also available to bring his unique style of common sense conservative talk along with his faith in Jesus Christ to any setting that is looking for a speaker with humor, common sense, and Christian values.

He is the author of DoubtFreeLiving.com,and has been privileged to speak at CBN and appear as a guest on World Harvest TV.

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