This is a huge scandal and one the public needs to be alerted to

WHO Lied about Dangers of Roundup

By —— Bio and Archives--October 23, 2017

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WHO Lied about Dangers of Roundup

According to Reuters the Word Health Organization (WHO) purposefully distorted it’s findings on the weedkiller glyphosate , the key ingredient in Roundup.  Roundup has been the subject of multi-million dollar lawsuits as a result of the U.N. report claiming it is a carcinogen.

According to the article:

“LONDON (Reuters) - The World Health Organization’s cancer agency dismissed and edited findings from a draft of its review of the weedkiller glyphosate that were at odds with its final conclusion that the chemical probably causes cancer.

Documents seen by Reuters show how a draft of a key section of the International Agency for Research on Cancer’s (IARC) assessment of glyphosate - a report that has prompted international disputes and multi-million-dollar lawsuits - underwent significant changes and deletions before the report was finalized and made public.”

Roundup is Monsanto’s premier weedkiller and one of the top brands in the industry.

An expert review determined that glyphosate was a cause of cancer in animals and humans, much like the U.N. has determined that carbon dioxide is causing the planet to warm.

The article continues:

“In one instance, a fresh statistical analysis was inserted - effectively reversing the original finding of a study being reviewed by IARC.

In another, a sentence in the draft referenced a pathology report ordered by experts at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. It noted the report “firmly” and “unanimously” agreed that the “compound” – glyphosate – had not caused abnormal growths in the mice being studied. In the final published IARC monograph, this sentence had been deleted.

Reuters found 10 significant changes that were made between the draft chapter on animal studies and the published version of IARC’s glyphosate assessment. In each case, a negative conclusion about glyphosate leading to tumors was either deleted or replaced with a neutral or positive one. Reuters was unable to determine who made the changes.”

So somebody was monkeying with the report. Why? Who stood to profit by it?

The article goes on to explain how Reuters was unable to get anyone involved in the report to answer questions, and how the report not only falsified data and conclusions but altered previous reports to make them fit with the conclusions that the authors wanted. In short, this assessment is just like the Global Warming alarmism or other such dubious environmental scares as Alar, Dioxin, and DDT.


Continued below...

Why are we seeing so much of this type of faux science now?

This appears to be an assault on Monsanto, a chemical company hated by environmentalists, and on American hegemony on the production of such useful chemicals. The French, for instance, want to ban Roundup.

We live in an era of cargo cult science. Cargo cults were primitive tribesmen who thought the gods were being deceived by the “white devils” (or Japanese devils who were hijacking the gods’ cargo planes which were meant for the tribesmen but wound up in the hands of the foreigners during the Second World War. They figured the whites had superior magic, so they built air fields including control towers, lit runways, and men wearing radio headsets made of bone and wood. They figured this was the ritual needed to get the gods to send the planes to them and thus give them all the bounty contained therein.

Science is becoming like this. No longer about where the evidence leads, we now have instead a cult which decides what is desirable and then working backwards to the evidence to support the preordained conclusion. It’s fraud, plain and simple, but it is dressed up in the trappings of science so it is given respect. The term was coined by none other than the great Richard Feynman, and as always Feynman was spot on with this.

Why are we seeing so much of this type of faux science now? Because governments and the international community took over the funding of science back in the late ‘70s and they demand a return on their investments. Governments are about controlling the public; it is the purpose for their existence. Science is a great tool for that control because it is accorded the respect once reserved for the Church. Control the scientific narrative and you can get the policies and programs you want. You can compel people to do things they would rather not do, and of course you can make them pay for it. There is lots of money to be made by the well connected in a major policy shift.

Doubt that? Well, every ambulance chasing lawyer has been fuelling up for the Roundup lawsuits.

This is a huge scandal and one the public needs to be alerted to, because it attacks the very foundation of all modern scientific war of the world scares.  How many other things have they lied to us about?

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