They call themselves “progressive” when in reality their philosophies are regressive trying to transform the country into a Marxist, socialist paradise that never existed and has failed in every country it has been tried

Why I could never be a liberal

By —— Bio and Archives--June 11, 2015

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I feel sorry for liberals! They always seem so unhappy – angry even. They never seem satisfied with anything. The glass is always half empty, never half full.  Their unhappiness is compounded by a lack of any idea what to do to make it any better. They seem clueless, not understanding why things happen and what causes things to happen.


One symptom of this lack of understanding is a self loathing view of their advantages and an apologist for having these advantages in the first place. Since this vacuous approach is all they know, they tend to be pessimistic. Since they can offer no new ideas, liberals can only carp, second guess, and use hindsight to comment on others ideas. Without an objective frame of reference, liberals resort to hyperbole and demagoguery to make their points. These exaggerated conclusions result in a doom and gloom view on the world, based on fear of the unknown.

I have pity for liberals and don’t trust them with my money! Liberals tend to be idealistic which is admirable. However they are also very naïve and have an unrealistic expectation of peoples motivations and behavior. Liberal leadership manipulates their rank and file as “useful idiots” who follow whatever political agenda without understanding the facts or the implications. The War on Poverty is an example of billions of dollars thrown at poverty and it is no better than when this so called War began. Liberals usually have good intentions, but the record shows their results rarely meet their forecasted predictions and sometimes make the situation being addressed worse than when they first got involved. Minimum wage is a good intentioned idea designed to raise wages for new employees, but actually costs new employees their jobs due to cutbacks due to increased employee expense. The real question is why do liberals look backward in time for ideas and pick failed approaches like socialism and communism to emulate? Redistribution of income in a graduated income tax is clearly a socialistic approach that has failed in every country that it has been tried. Centralized government control of resources in education, healthcare, and welfare is clearly communistic approaches that have failed in every country where it has been tried.

I have contempt for liberals in the area of foreign policy and more importantly I don’t trust liberals with my life! Give peace a chance is a wonderful goal, but idealism is perceived as a weakness by our enemies. Liberals look at the use of military as a failure of foreign policy.  After September 11, 2001 the United States declared a War on Terror. Unfortunately the liberals have their own war, but it is on Republicans. Another characteristic of liberalism is what is good for the party is more important than what is good for the country. Undermining the war effort in this country gives aid and comfort to our enemies outside this country. The terrorist strategy is not to win on the battlefield where they have no chance of success, but rather to continue the attacks until the United States tires of the effort. Again the liberals look backward in time for ideas and pick the failed appeasement approach to deal with our enemies. Liberals consider ending the Vietnam War as a triumph, but ignores the millions of people slaughtered in Southeast Asia after we left. In addition to mortal repercussions in the Middle East another unintended consequence will be terrorists bringing their attacks to the streets of the United States . Despite all the progress made in Iraq and the rest of the Middle East liberals are desperate to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

What is really sad is that the liberal leadership is leading the 50-year march to the left end of the political spectrum. They call themselves “progressive” when in reality their philosophies are regressive trying to transform the country into a Marxist, socialist paradise that never existed and has failed in every country it has been tried. A disturbing tactic that the liberal leadership depends on is a compliant and partisan mainstream media to parrot their talking points and support their initiatives. The compliant mainstream media is then used to reinforce incomplete or fabricated information to support the “big lie” (a technique developed by Adolf Hitler) so “colossal” that no one would believe anyone “could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously.” “Bush lied” has been repeated so many times that no one can identify what he supposed “lied” about and how other liberals who had the same information who reached the same conclusions did not lie. Another technique employed by the liberal leadership is, in the absence of fact, assertions are made as if they were true. The “War for Oil” has been asserted many times, without a shred of factual evidence to support it. Sometimes this manufacturing of “facts’ invigorates the conspiracy theorists to conclude nefarious activities behind the scenes, which borders on paranoid delusions. Despite an exhaustive investigation no evidence was found for the fuels “price gouging” accusation made repeatedly by the liberal leadership.

What makes it worse is the takeover by the lunatic fringe of the liberal leadership. The core true believers (kool-aid drinkers) sycophants swallow anything that the leadership asserts, which is a challenge since the leadership usually has multiple positions on any given topic. Liberal leadership is arrogant and condescending to its rank and file and treats them as if they were stupid victims who need to be dependent of the government to survive. I believe most liberals are fundamentally good people who let their idealism and naiveté lead them to unrealistic solutions. It has never made sense to me why a party survives based on the premise of preserving their victimized constituency as a permanent underclass. However, I can never understand how they can stomach their leadership who are obviously regressive and power hungry, putting the needs of their party ahead of the needs of their country. Conservatives are having success getting to one liberal at a time and waking them up. God Bless America .


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