The 50-year lease of the Port of Wilmington cannot be allowed to be enacted until a full security review has been conducted

Why Is Our Port Security For Sale?

By —— Bio and Archives--May 2, 2018

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The 50-year lease of the Port of Wilmington
On 24 April, 2017, the Delaware General Assembly approved a $580 million 50-year lease to cede control of the Port of Wilmington to a Middle Eastern foreign co-owned company, Gulftainer, controlled by the UAE and the Iraqi Jafar family.  Dr. Jafar Dhia Jafar was the chief of Saddam Hussein’s nuclear weapons program. His brother, Hamid Jafar, is the founder of the Crescent Group, the parent company of Gulftainer. Hamid plotted with Iraq’s military to sell oil to fund his brother’s nuclear weapons program in a scheme known as “Oil-For-Superweapon.”  It should be remembered that Dr. Jafar was on the U.S. Central Command’s “Blacklist” and could be killed on sight!


Unbelievably, we have already turned over Port Canaveral to him and his family, and now we are going to turn over the strategic Port of Wilmington, which is located 30 miles from Philadelphia, and equal distance between New York and Washington.  As an aside, Dr. Jafar is also the creator of the “Beach Ball,” a miniaturized nuclear warhead that can fit on any cruise missile, particularly, the Russian Club-K container missile.  This is important because Gulftainer is not only connected to the UAE and the Jafar family, but also to the Russian-controlled Rostec firm.  This is key since Rostec owns 100 percent of Rosoboronexport, the exporter of the Trojan Horse Club-K container cruise missile system.  The fact that the Jafar family is in a joint venture with Russia’s Rostec should have raised red flags all over the place.  Did “lunchbox” Joe Biden, our former vice president from Delaware, help grease the skids on this unbelievable deal? 

The Russian Club-K container cruise missile launch system looks like a normal intermodal commercial container.  It can be loaded with either four Sizzle or four Switchblade cruise missiles with a 10-year shelf life.  These missiles can carry biological, chemical, electromagnetic pulse, conventional or nuclear warheads.  Since the Club-K container looks like any typical commercial shipping container, it can be shipped around the country by train, semi-trucks, and riverine craft.  Of further concern is the fact that it can be remotely activated by satellite!

With the recent raid on Port Wilmington by DHS agents who disrupted the drug smuggling and human trafficking, it is clear that this port has already been targeted for illicit trades.  So why would you want to turn over the port’s security to a clearly questionable foreign entity?  Makes no sense.  When Congressman Duncan P. Hunter (R-CA) wrote a letter to President Trump (which he probably never saw) requesting that a “hold” be placed on the Gulftainer’s Port of Wilmington deal until a full national security review can be conducted, it was denied by the Treasury Department, most likely by the Obama holdovers. 

This is the same company, Gulftainer, that in 2014 the Obama administration gave a shady 35-year lease for the operation of the strategic Port Canaveral, adjacent to our nuclear ballistic missile submarine base and within sight of NASA’s Kennedy Space Center and other Air Force facilities, with no security review.  This was based on the lame excuse that a security review was not needed since this was a lease, not a sale!  The promise of a $100 million investment and the creation of 2,000 jobs has yet to materialize.

The 50-year lease of the Port of Wilmington cannot be allowed to be enacted until a full security review has been conducted.  The 35-year lease on Port Canaveral must be declared null and void since it did not go through the required security review. 

If we are to keep America secure and remain a sovereign nation, we must manage our own ports, our own security, and thereby, our own destiny.


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