Why this Afro American small businessman and life-long Democrat will never vote Democrat again

By —— Bio and Archives--August 8, 2012

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I am the American dream.

My mother had 4 kids.  We all had different dads.  Only 2 of us knew our dads.  My mom did not have a high school diploma.  We grew up in the projects of Columbia, South Carolina, Saxon Homes and Alan Benedict Court.  We got government assistance, food stamps, free lunch and government cheese. My mom worked 2 or 3 jobs, 10 plus hour days 5 or 6 days a week.  She never complained.  She worked hard and encouraged us to work hard in school and get a part time job after school. She never complained about her path in life and the choices she made.

I was the in first in the family to get a 4-year college degree.  I graduated from The University of South Carolina.  While in college I always had 1 to 3 jobs.  I was a stagehand the entire time and worked at different restaurants.  Perhaps that is why college was the best 5 1/2 years my life.  When I needed money, I had money that I made.  I could not ask my mom for money because I knew she did not have money.  In fact,  I would routinely give my mom money throughout my college career.  I never complained even when President Reagan stopped me from receiving my late father’s social security benefits once I turned 18. 

Based in Charlotte North Carolina, I have established myself in the last 29 years as a successful businessman, Event Manager, Audio Visual Technician, Actor, Host, Voice Actor, Musician, Singer, and Restaurateur .  My main source of business is as a provider of Audio Visual Technicians and Stagehands to the top Production Companies in the Country and Region.  I recently went back to school and got a 2-year diploma from The Carolina School of Broadcasting.  Basically I do many things in the special events industry.  This is an industry that I love.

When I heard the Democratic National Convention was coming to Charlotte, North Carolina, I was very excited.  An event such as this is a once in a lifetime event for someone in my business.  Although the Convention would be held at Time Warner Arena which uses the local labor union to provide services that I provide, I felt that I would get more than my share of work at other facilities and hotels in Charlotte which I already do.  I registered on the DNC Vendor Database and hoped that I would get a fair share of work.

I began to hear rumors that DNC officials were asking all Event Planners, Producers, and Production Companies to use union labor.  I got a copy of their RFP (Request for Proposal) and read it myself.  The proposal read “we prefer that you use Union labor” for our events.  I was flabbergasted.  You see,  North Carolina is a Right To Work state,  which means in layman’s terms that you cannot make anyone use union labor.  For the DNC to come to North Carolina and blatantly break our Right To Work laws is disheartening.  Even though the RFP is phrased as “we prefer” saying this is enough to tell anyone that wants to get a piece of this $36, 000,000.00 pie, to abide by their preference.  Anyone who wants to do business with the DNC will surely not go against their wishes in their RFP.  Again this is a once in a lifetime event.  Most people in our business will never see an event of this magnitude in a lifetime.

Getting back to the Right To Work laws, I know from past experience   that these laws are unenforceable unless you have lots of money to spend on a lawyer.  The North Carolina Department of Labor does not enforce the states Right to Work Laws.  If you call them, they refer you to the Federal Labor Relations Board.  This Board does not enforce state Right To Work laws.  So a small businessman like me cannot afford to fight a large international labor union which has more lawyers than you can imagine.

I almost majored in political science in college.  I have always been a fan of politics.  I am a registered Democrat.  I consider myself more libertarian.  I loved President Reagan, the first Bush, adored Clinton, was never, and ever more proud of my country than the day we elected President Obama.  This was something that I never thought I would see in my lifetime.  This totally sold me on the America that this great country was founded to be.

This wonderful American Dream has been demolished by the DNC for me.  I will never , ever vote for any Democrat ever again since the Democratic National Committee feels it is okay to discriminate against an Afro American small businessman who runs a business that is nonunion.    I don’t use my race as a crutch or as a weapon of blackmail as many groups do.  I am very proud of being a minority and frankly being a minority has been a non-issue in securing clients and doing a great job for them.  Isn’t it ironic that the Democratic National Committee is discriminating against me, a black man?  A black man that has the audacity to go into business for himself and be successful,  has endured intimidation and discrimination from this very union that they are requiring people to use,  and is not afraid to tell the true story.

This is my story and I will not be afraid to tell it.  I should not be afraid to tell my story. I grew up in the projects amongst drug dealers and poverty.  I should not be afraid to pursue the American Dream.  I bring this illegal activity to light for all people that are afraid to speak out about this injustice.  I must expose the DNC!

There is no fair chance to compete for DNC Work

I have no problem competing with the union for work.  When I can fairly compete, I get 90% of the bids.  I am very, very successful competing for work against them.  Let me say that I am not anti-union.  I have many, many union member friends and workers who work for me as freelance technicians.  I am pro-business, pro-businessman, pro-American Dream.  THERE IS NO FAIR CHANCE TO COMPETE FOR DNC WORK!

I am a former member of this union.  I know how they operate and have witnessed their secret illegal and unethical rules and regulations.    They instill victimization in their workers.  They teach their workers to be victims of the Man!  I TEACH EVERY WORKER THAT WORKS FOR ME AS A FREELANCER TO ACT, THINK, WORK, TALK, AND BE A BUSINESSMAN, NOT A VICTIM OF THE MAN!  No client of mine is forced to use me.  No client of mine is mandated to use my services by a committee.  All of my clients want to use me.  I earn my clients.  This is the American way.  Earn it!  No client gives me work unconditionally.  I earn it.  Members of this union illegally tell people to not work for me.  I tell people who work for me, that I do not care who you work for.  Many of their members believe that I do not have the right to exist.  How can I, a man with 2 degrees and 29 years of experience in this profession, not have the right to exist?  I would venture to say I have more experience combined with education than 98% of the members of the union. 

America was built by small businessmen who believed in themselves and had the audacity to take a chance on the American Dream. This is the American way. Earn it!  This country was founded on the principle that all people will have the opportunity to succeed as far as talent and work ethic will get them.

I was interviewed by Julie Rose from WFAE 90.7 about the DNC and their illegal forced union requirements.

After listening to the story, this is my personal message to The Democratic National Committee:  What you are doing is illegal, unethical, and immoral in a Right To Work State.  You should all be ashamed of your selves for discriminating against a black man! As the story says,  The DNC is unapologetic about mandating union labor even though it is illegal in a Right to Work State.  I WILL BE UNAPOLOGETIC ABOUT CAMPAIGNING AGAINST PRESIDENT OBAMA, THE DNC, AND THEIR ASSAULT ON SMALL BUSINESSES.  It appears less than 2 months out that my company will get no benefits from this Convention.  The more than 300 freelancers that work for me will reap no rewards of this once in a lifetime event by the so called Party of the working man!  President Obama’s latest ad states, ” We should all stand behind small businesses”.  How ironic is that when they will not stand behind my small minority owned business in Charlotte,  North Carolina at the Democratic National Convention?

I am the American Dream!

This black man, who has never asked to be given anything, has worked for everything he achieved, never complained, and contributes to the economy by developing businessmen, not victims,  WILL NEVER, EVER, VOTE DEMOCRAT AGAIN!  I AM NOW AN INDEPENDENT.  Thank you, Democratic National Convention for opening my eyes to what you truly stand for.  I refer to the quote “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”  My final message to the Democratic National Convention is WE SHALL OVERCOME SOME DAY because I am the American Dream!

For those of you who believe in giving business opportunities to small business people, please support THE AMERICAN DREAM!  If you are doing an event in Charlotte North Carolina at the Charlotte Convention Center, Hotels, or any venue other than Time Warner Arena,  Bojangles’ Coliseum, or Ovens Auditorium, please consider giving your business to a company that earns your business the American way, Production Management Specialists LLC!  For more information about me and my business’s please visit my Linked in page.

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Hardworking, feisty Calvin Hunter, who grew up in the projects of Colombia, South Carolina, does his Mama proud. No victim, he strongly believes that being a minority in the production and event management business is an asset and not a detriment. and that it is not surprising when minorities succeed.  “We have always been good enough when given fair opportunities to compete.” 

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