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Why Trudeau’s Playpen Politics is Actually Good for Canada

By —— Bio and Archives--November 9, 2017

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Why Trudeau’s Playpen Politics is Actually Good for Canada
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If Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ever decides to re-write our country’s constitution — the way he is re-writing our national anthem — I’m pretty sure his revamped preamble would read something like this:

“We the People of Canada, in Order to form a more perfect Confederation, do ordain the idea that governing this nation should involve lots of zany fun and hilarity!!!”

Yes, that would make for a flippant constitution, but keep in mind that Trudeau’s basic contribution to Western political thought has been the development of an entire ideology centered on the premise that leaders should cut loose and have a good time.

For him, in short, the prime minister’s most important job is to act like the country’s “partier-in-chief.”

And Trudeau certainly has done that.

In fact, if you were to list his main accomplishment since coming to power two years ago, you’d have to say he has elevated the political art of executive enjoyment.

After all, he’s mainly known world-wide as a leader who poses for photo ops with panda bears, who attends swanky parties in New York and Davos, who marches in countless Gay Pride Parades and who vacations on posh private island resorts in the Bahamas.

Wall-to-wall merriment!

And truth be told, it’s a style of leadership people love.

The media certainly loves it, since Trudeau’s unceasing gleeful jollity makes for good copy; why write a boring article about rising regional tensions in the Ukraine when you can you can expound on the prime minister’s awesome Chewbacca socks?

Plus, regular people like Trudeau’s ideological dedication to fun.

Certainly, for a lot of Canadians, he’s a refreshing change from the lacklustre Prime Minister Stephen Harper, whose unofficial motto was “Bland is good.”

It seems the only people who don’t fully appreciate Trudeau’s shenanigans are Canadian conservatives, who, in their typically stodgily-conservative way, constantly complain that the prime minister should stick to doing his job.

And while I fully understand this take, I also think it’s a bad strategy.

In fact, in my view, conservatives should be actively encouraging Trudeau to carry on with his man-child antics.

Conservative groups should run ads saying: “Hey, Mr. Prime Minister, that was a totally awesome Superman outfit you wore in the House of Commons. We sure hope that when you attend the next G-8 summit, you dress up as the Green Lantern or as Aquaman.

So why do I advocate this seemingly counter-intuitive approach?

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Well, just ask yourself this question: Isn’t it actually better for Canada when Trudeau is busily engaged in his juvenile brand of playpen politics?

I mean, wouldn’t you rather Trudeau was taking selfies with famous Hollywood actors (the ones not currently under criminal investigation), then, say, coming up with new plans to destroy Alberta’s economy?

And wouldn’t you rather he expend his energy researching ways to photo bomb high school proms, than devising nefarious new schemes to spend tax dollars?

For Pete’s sakes, this is the guy who thought it was a brilliant idea to spend more than $200,000 on the budget cover’s artwork!

That’s crazy, right?  (Though I’m sure the Governor-General will come up with a reason to explain why that expenditure was needed because of science.)

At any rate, do you see where I’m coming from here?

Yes, I know it can be maddening to see Trudeau mug for the cameras, and the rapturous adulation such mugging triggers in the media is definitely cringe-worthy.

But for the sake of the greater good, for the sake of our economy, for the sake of Canada, that’s a suffering conservatives might have to bear.

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