The phenomenon is known as 'stilling', and scientists are not sure why it is happening.

Wind Speed Is Slowing Down

By —— Bio and Archives--November 6, 2017

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Wind Speed Is Slowing Down
Worldwide wind speeds have slowed down by about half a kilometer per hour (0.3 miles per hour) since the 1960s according to researchers. 31

The phenomenon is known as ‘stilling’, and scientists are not sure why it is happening. They speculate that it may have something to do with urbanization, climate change and cumulus clouds. But then researchers admit: “Or it could be due to aging wind speed instruments producing inaccurate results.”

Normally this should come across as being good news amid the claims that ‘global warming’ is leading to more powerful and destructive storms. With slower wind speeds one would naturally assume less storm destruction. But instead the researchers are seeing only dark clouds ahead and warn that this could have ‘terrible consequences’ for things like agriculture and that weak winds also mean that smog over cities will stick around longer. They report, “And while it may sound deceptively calm, it could be a vital missing piece of the climate change puzzle and a serious threat to our societies” reports Pierre Gosselin. He adds, “Ironically, another problem the report hints at is that wind farms may also see less output as a result.”1

Joanne Nova observes, “Here’s a rare concept these days. Dr. Azorin-Molina, one of the researchers, isn’t sure if this is natural or man-made. No doubt climate modelers will come up with the answer they didn’t predict, post doc, any day now. In idyll speculation, researchers wondered if perhaps humans built too many obstacles (which seems hard to believe since for every skyscraper that blocks the flow we must have flattened a million trees to pave the way for easier breezing). But we have built 340,000 wind towers.” 2

Not surprisingly, these results are getting only tiny blurbs of reporting in the media. For years people have been brainwashed into thinking man-made global warming is leading to stronger winds. For example, in 2011 National Geographic reported, “The Earth Is Getting Mysteriously Windier.” It was claimed in the past 20 years, winds had picked up around 5 percent on average. Also, extremely strong winds caused by storms had increased even faster, jumping 10 percent in over 20 years. 3

However, it now appears the opposite is happening. No surprise the public is hearing little about this.


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Jack Dini is author of Challenging Environmental Mythology.  He has also written for American Council on Science and Health, Environment & Climate News, and Hawaii Reporter.

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