There is no place in the world like Auckland’s Giapo

Wonderful and Wacky Ice Cream Flavours from New Zealand

By —— Bio and Archives--July 12, 2017

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As summer is upon us and with National Ice Cream Day fast approaching on July 16, the young at heart love to beat the heat by eating ice cream. For those with a fascination for unique ice cream flavours, there is no place in the world like Auckland’s Giapo.

Poutine Ice Cream
Giapo Grazioli has long had a soft spot for the famous Quebec comfort dish, poutine. Available now, for a limited time at his shop, at 12 Gore Street in Auckland, Giapo’s sweet and savoury version of poutine has caramel sauce as the gravy and dollops of ice cream as the cheese curds. The fries? They are still fries – organic hand-cut fries. And to introduce a bitter element that the taste buds are crying for, Grazioli has added oolong matcha tea ice cream.


Yorkshire Pudding Ice Cream
This is Giapo’s take on the very popular English dish. Because the flavour of the pastry is neutral and it is hollow inside, Giapo has baked it in a way that allows you to hold the Yorkshire pudding with your hands as if it were a cone.

This creation has been dedicated to the famous Italian actress, Sophia Lauren. The cone is a milk chocolate cone with red chocolate lips. It is a chocolate and Christchurch hazelnut ice cream and it’s finished with a double coat of milk and dark chocolate and caramelized Christchurch hazelnuts.
Two Become One
This is a creation that Giapo has designed for lovers. It’s a heart that comes in two different halves and each half sits on top of one ice cream cone. When the halves are next to each other, they match perfectly into a whole heart.

The inspiration for this ice cream came from a colossal squid that was found in the New Zealand sea. Giapo 3D printed the design for each part of the squid and then created a mold for it. Using the mold, Giapo has been able to make all of the squid parts, body, tentacles and fins out of dark chocolate.

Manuka-Smoked Peanut Butter
This dessert is a sorbet made with smoked peanut butter. The peanut butter is smoked with the Manuka tree, which is a tree native of New Zealand.


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