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Would you like to meet the white supremacist who painted ‘KKK’ at Eastern Michigan University?

By —— Bio and Archives--October 24, 2017

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Would you like to meet the white supremacist who painted KKK at Eastern Michigan University?
It happened last fall, and it fit nicely with the media narrative of the time: Racist white supremacists are feeling emboldened by Donald Trump!

And day after day, we heard of “hate crimes” consisting of everything from racist graffit, nooses, racist propaganda and actual physical attacks on minorities by white supremacists.

And one by one, the stories unraveled, proving to be fake. One of the most hyped incidents took place at Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, where “hate messages” and “racist messages” were spray-painted at various spots on campus, prompting outrage and despair on campus. Students marched on the home of EMU President James Smith, clearly upset that he was allowing an atmosphere of racism and white supremacy to endure on campus.

Smith, eager to show how upset he was by the white racist vandals, issued the following statement:

“The incidents of vandalism on our campus created significant pain, fear and distress among our students, faculty and staff. I joined with many of our community in my own personal anger over these incidents. The many initiatives put in place as a result of the incidents are vitally important and will continue regardless of the outcome of the criminal proceedings. As one of the most diverse higher education institutions in Michigan, Eastern’s commitment to inclusiveness and being a welcoming community for people of all backgrounds is an ongoing priority.”

And what kinds of police resources do you suppose were committed to these incidents of spray-paint vandalism? Hang onto your hat:

Over the past year, the Eastern Michigan University Police Department has committed more than 1,080 hours, equivalent to 135 full-time, eight-hour days, in the investigation into identifying the criminal or criminals responsible for the incidents.

More than 60 people have been interviewed and a reward of $10,000 was offered. More than 1,200 hours of video from more than 100 campus cameras was reviewed, as well as video from nearby businesses. In addition, nearly 20 search warrants have been executed; a large number of pieces of evidence have been processed and analyzed; and, data from numerous cellphones have been evaluated.

That’s right, they spent the equivalent of 135 full-time days investigating grafitti. But it’s racist grafitti by white supremacists, and nothing is more important that catching white supremacists! So imagine the relief among EMU’s oh-so-sensitive community when the dastardly white supremacist was finally identified as Eddie Curlin, whose picture you can see up top:

Yep, that’s some KKK Grand Wizard right there. And after a year of investigating this case, EMU police were forced to admit the same thing police had to say about a similar incident here in my city of Royal Oak: The crimes were not racially motivated. They almost never are, and Ypsilanti is no exception:

More than 13 months after Eastern Michigan University police responded to a report of racist vandalism taking place on campus, Police Chief Robert Heighes hopes the university community can move forward following the arraignment of a suspect Monday, Oct. 23.

Reviewing more than 1,200 hours of video from more than 100 campus cameras, Heighes said, helped lead to the arrest of former EMU student Eddie Curlin, 29, who was arraigned in Washtenaw County District Court on three counts of malicious destruction of property, four counts of identity theft and one count of using computers to commit a crime in connection with the vandalism incidents that took place on campus beginning in fall 2016.

Heighes was quick to deny race was a motivating factor in the incidents, later confirming that the suspect is black.


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“As far as motivation for this, it was totally self-serving,” Heighes said during a press conference Monday. “It was not driven by politics, it was not driven by race. It was an individual item done by one individual for all three of the major graffiti incidents on our campus.”

At least not in the sense that we’re talking about a white racist motivated by hatred of black people. In fact, when was the last time one of these “hate crimes” actually resulted in the arrest of such a person? They almost never do. They almost all prove to be fake because the hate crime fakers know their fake crimes are sure to get lots of attention - from the police, from activists, from the media, from university administration . . . all you have to do is create the public expression of a racist sentiment and then kick back and watch them go.

The activists will march. The media will go into team coverage mode. Adminsitration will wring its hands. And it’s all about nothing. Another hoax, which is pretty much what this stuff turns out to be every single time.

Yet why should the fakers quit doing it? Campuses and communites go into Def Con 5 every time this happens. Race has become nothing more than a cultural weapon and an excuse for certain people to point the finger at other people, regardless of whether the finger-pointing is justified in any way. The left needs racism, and it needs racism to be audacious and scary. It needs racists everywhere. It’s the only thing that justifies their own obsession with it, and their own insistence that anyone who doesn’t agree with them is a danger to minorities everywhere.

Since very few of the racists they imagine actually exist, and those who do exist don’t go around spray-painting KKK on walls, disturbed people do it themselves. The incidents are fake, but as long as no one knows that they’ll do.

Maybe the left needs to discourage police from putting so many resources into solving these crimes, because once they actually do solve them, the truth tends to take the wind out of the left’s sails. How many times does this have to happen before even the leftist media stops taking this nonsense seriously?

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