A.J. Cameron

A.J. Cameron was born in Kansas City, MO, and raised in Prairie Village, KS. He is a graduate of Rockhurst High School and University of Kansas, and is a the former president of the Native Sons & Daughters of Greater Kansas City. Having worked for international and local, start-up companies, A. J. brings a wide range of insight to many of the challenging issues of the day. A.J. seeks to engage readers on key issues with views grounded in time-tested principles and common sense.

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The Charlottesville Chaos Was Predictable!

Aug 13, 2017 — A.J. Cameron

While most people are distracted with living, earning an income, taking care of children and/or parents, attempting to relax, etc., there are people in the shadows who, instead of working to unite us, are working, tirelessly, to divide us along every natural dividing line.  Unfortunately, the Charlottesville chaos was predictable!

Most people have never heard of the hate-filled, SPLC-inspired (Southern Poverty Law Center), Domestic Terrorist Profile (DTP).  It is rarely discussed within the propaganda media complex or the controlled opposition media complex.  I learned about it while listening to a newscast on March 20, 2009, having just passed through Tipton, MO, as I was headed home on Highway 50.  The state of Missouri had just unveiled it, but it applies, nationwide.  As Robin Williams, of ‘Mork & Mindy’ fame might say, my life changed in a ‘nanosecond’.  Upon learning about the profile, I knew, immediately, that average, law-abiding citizens in the U. S. were under attack by those in powerful positions from within our borders.  This was my Epiphany, a Rosetta Stone moment, about what is really happening within the U. S.  Upon learning about U. N. Agenda 21 (updated to 2030) a/k/a sustainability, smart growth, etc., I learned that those attacking us are not limited to those within our borders.  The attackers are everywhere globalists seek to control the masses.

An Open Letter to Rand Paul and Members of the Freedom Caucus!

Apr 7, 2017 — A.J. Cameron

Mr. Paul and members of the Freedom Caucus, the American people are counting on you and supporting you to ensure that Obamacare is fully repealed.  If you are to repeal Obamacare, it must be FULLY REPEALED on the first attempt, or it will NEVER be repealed.  If it is not repealed on the first attempt, you cannot trust that any promised future attempt will occur.  Even if a subsequent attempt occurs, Las Vegas would probably place the odds high that it will be even more contentious than what you are enduring now, and bring with it, even more graft and malfeasance by bad actors on both sides of the political aisle.   

I stand by my previous assertion on March 1, 2017, that Obamacare will NEVER be repealed, because it was designed to do three things.  Hopefully, all of you and enough liberty-loving Republicans will prove me wrong, in my assertion.

ObamaCare Will NEVER Be Repealed!

Mar 1, 2017 — A.J. Cameron

A lot of people believed that with President Trump and a Republican controlled House and Senate, we would finally see the end of ObamaCare.  In President Trump’s address, last night, he called for the repeal and replacement of ObamaCare.  ObamaCare will NEVER be repealed!

Let me rephrase this, slightly.  The end goals of ramming ObamaCare upon a defenseless and non-represented populace will never be repealed.  ObamaCare was never about healthcare.  ObamaCare was and is about increasing health insurance premiums and deductibles, imposing draconian regulations upon individuals and businesses, and restricting access to healthcare.  ObamaCare is not the end game of controlling the population, it is just the beginning.  Population control comes in two forms.  The first form deals with who is allowed to live.  The second form deals with how people are allowed to live.  ObamaCare covers both end goals of population control, within the health insurance and healthcare fields.

Saved By The Dem Bells?

Jan 25, 2017 — A.J. Cameron

Now that President Trump has been sworn in and delivered his inauguration speech, there is a greater focus upon the confirmations of his nominees.  Hopefully, we may have dodged a bullet, regarding the potential confirmation of Betsy DeVos as the Secretary of the Department of Education (DOE).  Thanks to the Democrats request of additional background information of Ms. DeVos, her confirmation hearing has been delayed until January 31st, and we may be able to prevent her confirmation to this key position.

The fact that Ms. DeVos is a powerful insider sounds alarm bells, but this is not the major reason for denying her confirmation atop the DOE.  While attending the March for Life in Topeka, KS, a neighbor, and fellow parishioner, asked if I was excited about the nomination of Ms. DeVos to head-up the DOE?  Knowing that I am heartily anti-Common Core, he was a bit surprised when I replied that I hope she is not confirmed.

Will the Trump Presidency be a Speedbump, or a Wall, Against the Globalists’ Agenda?

Nov 11, 2016 — A.J. Cameron

All praise be to God!  We just experienced a modern-day miracle.  I am very pleased that we have been spared a reign of terror from Hillary and her globalist puppeteers.  Now, my initial question is, ‘Will the Trump presidency be a speedbump, or a wall against the globalists’ agenda?   

I realize I am a bit tardy in offering comments about the desired result of the hotly contested presidential election, but I have been busy.  Due to the concern of awakening at 3:30am to ensure I was at the polling place by 4:30am, so that my co-workers and I would have our polling place ready for voters at 6:00am, I got very little sleep Monday night.  Following my poll-worker responsibilities at about 7:45pm, I attended a post-election watch party until about 10:00pm with a few friends.  When I arrived home, I needed to decompress a bit, so I began flipping through the channels.  Following brief stops on several networks, I happened upon PBS.

An Open Letter to Senator Sessions!

Oct 3, 2016 — A.J. Cameron

At the exhortation of Ann Corcoran, I am writing an open letter to you, Mr. Sessions, in the hope that you, and others, will work to prevent the traitorous importation of non-U. S.-vetted ‘refugees’ into the U. S.

The U. N./U. S. State Department program for the resettlement of 110,000 non-U. S.-vetted ‘refugees’ during this fiscal year must be disbanded.  This means that the purposeful importation of non-U. S.-vetted ‘refugees’ must be halted, immediately!  Too many people within the State Department are acting upon orders of those reporting to the President, or those individuals and organizations that are intent to swell the number of non-U. S.-vetted refugees into the U. S., under the guise of humanitarian concerns.  Their actions could be for political, philosophical or financial reasons.  Any of these reasons are anti-American, and those in Congress have sworn an oath to represent and protect their constituencies.  It has been awhile since this has happened, so why not pivot towards the U. S. citizenry on this issue, especially in light of the upcoming General Election on November 8th?

U. S. Education - Ask And You Shall Receive (As You Are Being Deceived)!

Aug 14, 2016 — A.J. Cameron

While Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey are envying, from their graves, the circus centered around who will be the next inhabitant of the puppet hut at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, many core issues are not being discussed.  Depending upon where you live, school may be beginning this week.  Caring and anxious parents will refocus their efforts to provide their children with the best education options available.  Parents need to beware of what they ask for, because, as they ask, they will be deceived about what they and their children will receive!

For many of us engaged in the fight against Common Core and the theft of local control of education, it has been disappointing that so many caring parents, teachers, administrators, clergy and politicians fail to grasp the gravity of the continuing, purposeful degradation of education in America.  As I was reading an email from Charlotte Iserbyt, a preeminent crusader for children and against almost all things in U. S. education since before becoming a whistleblower while serving within the Reagan administration, a thought struck me.  Maybe we need to change our narrative, so that we can ‘tear down that wall’ between us and those who fail to see the evils embedded within our educational system.

Comey Reinforces the Paradigm!

Jul 6, 2016 — A.J. Cameron

Thank you, Mr. Comey.  Your comments and inaction in holding Hillary Clinton responsible for her clandestine email actions have reinforced the paradigm that virtually everyone in a leadership position in the government is a traitor to the people of our country.

Leading up to yesterday, the propaganda media machine has been ‘informing’ the docile and distracted American people about what a ‘stand-up’ guy Mr. Comey is.  Wasn’t Chief Justice Roberts extolled as a brilliant legal mind, the same C. J. Roberts who legislated twice from the ‘Supreme’ Court to force ObamaCare upon U. S. citizens and taxpayers?  Didn’t Comey receive his appointment as the head of the FBI from the current puppet president?  Do you remember Don Corleone’s consolation and tutelage of the distraught father and undertaker in ‘The Godfather’?  The father and undertaker’s daughter had been beaten by her boyfriend and one of his friends, for refusing to have sex with them.  They were not held accountable for their actions.  The Don wouldn’t kill the boys, who had escaped ‘justice’, when asked by her father, but he consented to remedy the injustice.  ‘Someday, and that day may never come, I’ll call upon you to do a service for me, but, until that day, accept this justice as a gift on my daughter’s wedding day’.  Today must have been Comey’s day to do a service, ultimately backstabbing the American people!

The Elites Never Disappoint!

Jun 28, 2016 — A.J. Cameron

Brexit offers hope for freedom-loving people all over the ‘globe’!  In a time of contracting power and wealth towards self-appointed elites and ‘royalty’, Brexit may be the 2016 ‘D-Day’ in the war of those who are outside of their oppressors’ exclusive aristocracy.  But, even with this victory for freedom, the elites never disappoint.  Now that they lost a major player and funder of the European Union (EU), the assault is on.

In theory, The EU has some admirable aspirations, but the elites of the world have declared it their sandbox, and only they get to make the rules for the masses.  The funding of the EU has become nothing but a slush fund for the elites to advance an anti-God, anti-human, anti-freedom, and anti-sovereignty agenda upon all member nation-states of the union.  This is happening globally.  Across the pond, we are under a bipartisan attack against law-abiding, patriotic citizens, too.  Maybe people in Britain, and elsewhere, are awakening to the real realities, about which we are not to discuss in polite company!

The Haley Shuffle!

Jan 14, 2016 — A.J. Cameron

I was never a fan of the ‘Ickey Shuffle’, but it was more entertaining and substantive than the ‘Haley Shuffle’.  Another supposed conservative has sold out genuine conservatives and the U. S. citizenry to join the Ryan-McConnell led GOP backstablishment.  Personally, I’ve never considered her the real deal, so I’m not shocked.  Anyone who ascends the ‘Greed Over Principles’ (GOP) backstablishment is an enemy of the U. S. citizenry, just as much as any Democrat.

I don’t watch the State of the Union litany of lies and the pathetic responses by the ‘opposition’ party anymore because that would be a total waste of time.  The lies just get larger in substance and quantity, and there is no opposition party.  My hat is off to those who sit through the elocution excrement; you have stronger stomachs for evil than I do.

Was the ObamaCare Vote a False Flag?

Dec 29, 2015 — A.J. Cameron

I trust everyone enjoyed a wonderful Christmas.  It is a blessed time of the year.  Now it is time to resume addressing the grave issues we continue to face.

Omnibus bill came by design

Dec 19, 2015 — A.J. Cameron

Tis the Christmas season! 

Santa Ryan and Santa McConnell slid down the chimney of chicanery to hand out more lavish gifts to the puppet president, their Democrat comrades, and the globalist elites, intentionally at U. S. citizen/taxpayer expense.  Thankfully, but belatedly, it appears that some people are finally willing to admit that the government has gone rogue.  We are being fed the ‘company line’ that timing and circumstances forced Ryan’s hand in pushing through the treasonous omnibus bill.  Actually, the timing and circumstances were ‘by design’!

An Open Letter to ‘The Trumpster’!

Sep 16, 2015 — A.J. Cameron

Mr. Trump, congratulations on your ability to overcome the various attacks by Republicans and the puppeteer-controlled propaganda machine.  We are a long way from the nomination of the next GOP Presidential candidate in 2016, and I have several suggestions for you.

Before going into these suggestions, I’ll say that I don’t know that should you be the GOP Presidential candidate in 2016, I will vote for you.  It isn’t that I prefer any of the other GOP hopefuls.  Frankly, when people consider eligibility and look past only what we allowed to see, I’m not excited by any of the candidates for the presidency in 2016, least of all, Jebby-boy Bush.  I was excited about Scott Walker until a contact in WI provided ample information about what has not been reported by the propaganda machine, to date.  I’m confident that if Walker were to become the GOP candidate, what I have learned will be pushed by the propaganda machine in an effort to prevent him from being elected.

Toto was on the Debate Stage, too!

Aug 12, 2015 — A.J. Cameron

We should thank Fox News for hosting the debates on Thursday evening.  Hopefully, the bloom is finally off of the rose.  The network did more in two hours than I have been able to do for quite some time.  Toto was also on stage, pulling back the curtain of deceit and exposing the fact that Fox News is, indeed, in word and deed, a prominent member of the globalist puppeteers’ propaganda machine.

Yes, the current puppet president attacks Fox News, but he also attacks the uber wealthy, just prior to jetting off, at taxpayers’ expense, to attend a $30,000.00 a plate fundraiser.  Fox News is a useful tool for promoting the false image that the Republican Party is an alternative to the Demoncrat Party.  If the GOP is a true alternative to the Demoncrats, why did Knee-capper Boehner and Zipper-lip McConnell rush in to save the puppeteers’ and the puppet president’s agenda of funding ObamaCare and amnesty following the landslide Republican victories in 2014?  Why was Republican Representative Paul Ryan on Fox News, chastising Demoncrats for not supporting ‘their president’ on the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), prior to the Gutless Opposition Party (GOP) assisting the puppet president in passing TPP?

An Open Letter to Pope Francis!

Jun 4, 2015 — A.J. Cameron

Pope Francis, this is a tad difficult to write, but addressing evil, especially in high places, is usually challenging.  For this lifelong Catholic, the manner in which you, Pope Francis, became Pope was distressing.  I have tremendous respect for the Papacy, but my confidence in the Papacy has been shaken since March 13, 2013.  The question that has lingered since the questionable resignation of Pope Benedict XVI and your election as Pope has been, ‘Are you truly a man of God who will act appropriately as the Pope and Bishop of Rome, a globalist puppet, or, indeed, a Satan-inspired globalist?’

Parental Choice vs. Common (Conformity) Core!

Nov 3, 2014 — A.J. Cameron

‘That’s not a CHOICE (emphasis added) we want Americans to make’, a comment made by Obama on October 31, 2014.

Who is ‘we’?  Is ‘we’ the globalist elites who are the shadow government that is controlling the ‘backstablishments’ atop both major political parties?  Shouldn’t this one sentence send shivers up the spines of every parent and freedom-loving person in America?  Shouldn’t this statement reveal that parental choice for the development and education of their child/children is under attack by those atop our federal government and those pushing Common (Conformity) Core?

Why Aren’t the Republicans Running Away with the Midterm Election?

Oct 26, 2014 — A.J. Cameron

Why Aren’t the Republicans Running Away with the Midterm Election?

Obama’s ratings continue to deteriorate, even within his base, yet Republicans continue to struggle in races that could put them over the top in the Senate.  Why aren’t Republicans running away with the midterm election that should be a wave election?

Let’s Quit Blaming Obama for Everything Bad that is Happening!

Oct 13, 2014 — A.J. Cameron

Isn’t our Puppet President getting a bad rap, and too much credit, for his actions since his dual oaths of office in 2009?  Supportive or antagonistic, don’t we hear or read daily, “Obama did/has (fill in the blank)”?  Are people ever going to realize that while it is easier to praise or attack an individual versus an invisible group of puppeteers, Obama is just a cog in the wheel, turned by the invisible puppeteers?  Shouldn’t we quit blaming Obama for everything bad that is happening, and focus upon the real culprits destroying the U. S., Europe, and the world, at large?

Investigation into Alleged IRS Abuses of Conservative Organizations, Politicians is a Fool’s Errand!

Jun 26, 2014 — A.J. Cameron

I like Trey Gowdy!  I trust Trey Gowdy!  I believe Trey Gowdy is one of an almost invisible minority of elected politicians inside the District of Corruption who intends to honor his oath of office.

Kansas is Leading the Way in Securing Students’ Data!

Jun 4, 2014 — A.J. Cameron

The puppeteer-controlled media propaganda machine has attempted to convince concerned parents, grandparents, guardians, teachers, administrators and states’ legislators that a couple of states have opted out of Common Core, when, in fact, they haven’t.  So, it is exciting to learn that there is positive news on the education and Common Core fronts.  While the Kansas legislature continues to uphold nationally imposed, Common Core control of education, in place of local control, it has taken a major step in restricting the data abuse that is embedded within Common Core.  Because of this, the state of Kansas is leading the way in securing students’ data with legislation that may be a template for other states to copy.