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Petraeus Scandal: Soap Opera or Serious Business?

Nov 16, 2012 — Anita L. Staver, Esq.

Tune in for the latest episode of As the Military World Turns

In a scandalous story with more twists and turns than the road to Hana, we see a married CIA director who resigned after an affair with his Harvard-educated biographer, discovered because of her harassing emails targeting a doctor’s wife who was the CIA director’s “close friend,” read by an FBI agent who emailed shirtless pictures of himself that were uncovered in an investigation of “inappropriate communications” between a Marine General and the doctor’s wife, whose twin sister used personal recommendations from the CIA Director and the Marine in a contentious custody battle.

How Conservatives Lost Women Voters

Nov 10, 2012 — Anita L. Staver, Esq.

Late last year when a presidential primary candidate was asked how he was going to reach women voters, he responded that he was polling well with women. Oh, oh. He seemed clueless about what most women really want. Once again, women were being taken for granted and once again we could lose – big time. And lose, we did.