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Aurel Emilian Mircea, M.D. was born in Romania and graduated from the Medical School in Bucharest, at the peak of the communist regime. During his college days he became a professional musician, which later helped him make his way to the Free World. After a sojourn through Poland and South Africa he settled permanently in Texas, USA. In his retirement he had published a few books about healthcare and the very competitive world of showbiz.

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May 7, 2018 — Aurel Emilian Mircea, M.D.

socialized medicine principles
I did not mean to brag or to bore you with my Texas-pride, but while writing and publishing “Medical Epicenter,” a new collection of short stories, I had to openly admire the largest medical city in the world. Texas Medical Center in Houston, with which I have been associated for more than twenty-five years, is by far the biggest and best on the globe.

It contains 54 medicine-related institutions, with 21 hospitals and 8 specialty facilities, 8 medical academic and research foundations, 4 medical schools, 7 nursing schools, 3 public health organizations, 2 pharmacy colleges and one dental school. It has the world’s best and biggest Children Hospital and the most advanced Cancer Institute, MD Anderson.