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Barry Jackson, who was born in Montreal "several years ago", says he does not have a picture of himself to show in this bio, "though apparently all of my wife's friends swoon when I enter the room (lol).""With a BA psychology my friends think I'm subjecting them to some kind of psycho-babble analysis whenever I look them in the eye."I spend endless hours researching American politics. Why? Because that's where the action is. For several years I've been writing a book called The Encyclopedia of Political Incorrectness. There's such a voluminous stream of new material every day this project may never be put to bed."

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Your vote matters, here’s why

Sep 27, 2015 — Barry Jackson

Editor’s Note: Flippant, but right on the money, Barry Jackson’s note to his MP during Canada’s federal election campaign which speaks for so many propaganda-weary Canadians, should go viral.

(Background: Jamie Nicholls is my local NDP Member of Parliament. Yeah, I know, inasmuch as I believe in small, transparent, honest, accountable government, it hurts to have a left-wing loon as my federal representative.)