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Bill King, Managing Member, Quantum Flow Technologies LLCBill has more than 25 years as a business, tax, and financial adviser. After a brief time-out, involved continually withstart-up companies focused on the conception, design, manufacture/fabrication/production of diverse, innovative products.

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More Than a Man, Trump is a Personification of American Values and Beliefs

Aug 3, 2018 — Bill King

Trump is a Personification of American Values and Beliefs
Ever since his astonishing election win, Donald Trump has been assailed by the Left: Dems,  RINOs, MSM, academia, the “deep state,” Silicon Valley elites, and globalists. Recently, the anti-Trump forces have become increasingly frustrated, and even enraged, from failed efforts to remove POTUS. The Left’s DNA is not coded for them to understand Trump, or why he remains, and will remain, impervious to their continual broadsides. The Left have gaping moral, social, and intellectual blind spots that render them incapable of separating Trump, the man, from the American values and beliefs he represents.