Bill Turner

Bill Turner is a Patriot Warrior, fighting to preserve the Constitution and the liberties provided therein. He is the US Western Regional Director for He is available to speak on a variety of subjects and is notorious for his talks on Creeping Sharia.

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The Will Of The People

Sep 28, 2010 — Bill Turner

We hold these truths to be self evident, that the GOP has not heard the message of the people. The shear volume of the pledge is an ode to the largesse of what has become a bloated caricature of the government our founding fathers envisioned when they drafted our founding documents. The Democratic Party, the party of modern day Marxists, communists, socialists and statist elites, drafted a health care bill well in excess of two thousand pages.

I Never Thought

Sep 23, 2010 — Bill Turner

When Barack Hussein Obama said that he would fundamentally change America, most people took that to mean having an open and transparent government. B. Hussein Obama has indeed fundamentally changed America and it is apparent that more change is on the way. Is the change good for America? Personally, I do not think it is. But, I am not the only voter with an opinion. But, many voters do not have informed opinions and this is about those people.


Sep 15, 2010 — Bill Turner

The sun no longer shines, not like in days gone by. The moon hangs low over a listless ocean where the tides are always out. We are in a land of the unforgiving. An icy wind chills to the depths of the soul. We have time enough to spend, for eternity is ours if we fail in our task.

Monetizing the debt

Aug 11, 2010 — Bill Turner

This is a day that will forever live in infamy.  Today is the day that B. Hussein Obama came out of the closet and began to monetize the debt in earnest. 
Monetizing the debt is an economic term for shell game.  It isn’t like a ponzi scheme, that would be Social Security, it is different and more dangerous.  When a consumer monetizes their debt, they pay off the balance of one credit card with another card and use the lower balance card to cover other debt, until the card is maxed out.  But, it doesn’t end there.  They begin to create more money through the use of payday loans, and every payday they fall further behind, until they can no longer borrow or pay on their debt.  This is when families file bankruptcy.  But, the federal government does this a little differently, because they have something most of us do not have, a printing press.

Embrace Your Inner American

Jul 4, 2010 — Bill Turner

I cannot possibly remember how many times some moron has said to me, “Bill, chill out, embrace your inner child” and I have always replied, in some variation, ‘My inner child is a jerk too’. We have become a nation of civilized, polite, politically correct Americans (with the exception of the left, who have just become more vile, repulsive and evil over time) and it is ruining our great nation. Thankfully our founders and the people who made this country great, had the vision, courage and willingness to say and do what needed to be done to allow us to be free. It is time to embrace our inner American.

Are You Free?

Jun 20, 2010 — Bill Turner

Are you free? Do you really believe you are free? Freedom involves the ability to make choices. The choices you make are of your choosing, not of someone else’s. Now, are you free? Do you decide between things that are of your choosing or the governments?