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Blake Williams was born and raised in a rural part the southwestern United States surrounded by cotton farms. At 13 years old, he discovered the magic of radio broadcasting. It's been 45 years since beginning a life-long career in broadcasting which includes a year aboard the "pirate" station Radio Caroline off the coast of England in 1984. Now, he works from a well equipped home studio in rural New Mexico providing talent and content for several radio, internet and television stations.Blake lives and works in a red part of the very blue state of New Mexico.

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Nov 11, 2016 — Blake Williams (The Deplorable)

You know what?

I was incredibly depressed on election day.  I was pretty sure Clinton was going to win and our country was going to finally be over.  The Constitution would have a match put to it, and Hillary would have completed what Obama started as far as the “transformation of America”.  In four years no one would be able to recognize the land of liberty.