Thomas Edward Caldwell

Thomas Edward Caldwell has been a student of the Objective Philosophy since 1964, and was one of the contributing founders of the Ayn Rand Institute.As a private citizen he spent 15 years in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China, from 1989 to 2003. In Hong Kong he was to personally able to experience the high moral standards and integrity common to Laissez Faire Capitalism.He had many Op-eds published in the weekly Business Taiwan and a few as guest economic editorialist for Taiwan's daily, The China News. Most of the editorials were on deregulation and economic growth. Some of the recommendations were applied by Taiwan, Hong Kong and China.He was introduced to his passionate interest, avocation, and recreation, more than 51 years ago by an instructor, one of the first graduates of the U.S. Special Forces. In 1975-76 he wrote and published a ‘how-to' newsletter on the subject: "Ideological Warfare: ideas are the ultimate weapon."

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Why Socialism Survives

Jun 10, 2013 — Thomas Edward Caldwell

Socialism has never failed.  It has always succeeded.

Claiming that Socialism has never succeeded is disinformation, and, a Moral Sanction.

The battle for civilization is an ideological and intellectual war.  In such a war, you cannot let evil set the terms.  But, that is what has happened.  Those who set the terms win.  Socialism’s continued existence is “proof of principle.”