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Chris Robinson is a writer living in the United States.

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Conservative, pretty conservative TOP 10

Feb 9, 2017 — Chris Robinson

I’m a conservative,—What?

  • Yes I voted against Ronald Reagan in 1980. But I’m a conservative.
  • Yes I have occasionally referred to cops as ‘pigs’..but I’m a conservative.
  • Yes I lived with my mom now and then AND in a basement; but I’m a conservative.
  • Yes I have a few cats around here. But I’m a conservative.
  • Yes I’m on food-stamps. But I’m a conservative.
  • Yes I ride the bus sometimes. But I’m a conservative.
  • Yes I write poetry, that’s redundant like Allen Ginsberg’s or Art Buchwald’s..but I’m a conservative.
  • Yes I’ve hung out at the public library and used their computers for free but I’m a conservative.
  • Yes I make a lot of on-line comments; but I’m a conservative.
  • Yes I went to 6 or 7 colleges and never graduated from any of them; but I never smashed any windows, or lit trash-cans on fire, nor attended a free event at UC Berkeley that featured Angela Davis as a guest-speaker, well..I never smashed any windows to the best of my recollection, so shouldn’t that count for something??

Okay, I’m just saying, NOW I wanna be a conservative; and I did vote TRUMP

So there!!


...Forget the’s the damnable corruption!

Oct 9, 2016 — Chris Robinson

While we’re yelling about the c-words and f-words and hate-words and every other untenable 1st Amendment-unprotected words issuing from the mouths of over-matured babies, let us not forget we have one thing—and one thing only to vote against in one month from now—and that is the corrupt entrenched swamp creators that make Washington DC their home town, coming from whatever slimy gross and disgusting rock they crawled out from under.

These career politicians share all their values with Mick Jagger and the hard rock cafe culture, taking chicks where they find them - including the chick-politicians, by the way - but they can’t get no satisfaction anyway, why? Because they are rebelling against our creator, who gave us our inalienable rights in the first place…including free will, giving elites their ability to try and subjugate.

Los perdidos: PC vs. liberty

Sep 21, 2016 — Chris Robinson

What is PC?

PC is the mother of all falsehood and language of the lost.

PC is abandonment of our 1st Amendment, cornerstone of this, a free people, based on the Word of God, which - if let go - reverses natural law and crushes liberty.

PC is acceptance of what the state says we can and cannot say.

GOD IS LOVE by Alexander, the great poet!

Oct 19, 2014 — Chris Robinson

It is, to any sentient being, versed at all in What it is, a self-evident fact my poems are vastly superior to any random sample selection that may be culled from the innards of some of these federally approved, so-called literature textbooks..surveying bunches of thin, rubber-stamped, multi-culturalistic explorations, by, and for the divers; and geared for use in public education..explaining why mediocrity is great! This is a factual fact. I know it because, of necessity, we home-school and I have the books. But let us not dwell there, but rather, move to investigate the clues as to why I am a poet and not,NOT! a least not per se. Whereas, in journalism, this thing called news (sigh), one must stick fast to the readily verifiable, the absolute, and the salient dysinformations one is passing along to the ravenous readership’s, without swerving! to the left, nor to the right; in poetry, though, object and subject being indivisible, that is, they are in concept one in truth - poetic truth - and one poet under God (as the case might be).

James Traficant, convicted ex-congressman, dies

Sep 27, 2014 — Chris Robinson

Today, America has lost a rare jewel, and Lady Liberty, her most fervent admirer. James Traficant has passed away. The ex-congressman and former Youngstown sheriff died from injuries he sustained while operating a tractor on the family farm. He was 73. Our prayers and kind wishes go out to his family.

Cowboys and—Saturdays?

Apr 30, 2014 — Chris Robinson


I was eating my Sugar-Frosted Flakes with the shades drawn, staring straight up the barrels of Roy Rogers’ twin six-shooters aiming at me out of the TV tube in our living room in black-and-white..preparing to die. When suddenly it occurred to me, Hey it’s Saturday! and what am I doing sitting looking at TV when I can go strolling in the sunshine instead?  So I pulled on my red cowboy-boots and said “Mom I’m going to the park,” and she said,“which one?” and I said, “Hart’s Park”,—she said, “Okay, here’s a sandwich to take with you. And be back in time for lunch. And no funny business.” I said Okay. So I walked down the hill not taking the usual short-cuts to the main street past the Rexall Drugstore and all the other businesses, and businessmen, and passed the Sheriff’s office; and said ‘Hi’ to the post-man in his official U.S. Post Office uniform shorts and pith-helmet, walking his cart carrying its leather mail-pouch along his route to William S. Hart Park, where the famous cowboy star once lived and breathed. And where soldiers from the Newhall area who died fighting in the World Wars are buried, beneath bright white crosses spread evenly over hills covered by a blanket of thick, fresh-cut grass; and where, also, the Easter sunrise services are held under the big cross, reflecting…