Claude Sandroff

Claude writes regularly on politics, energy and science. He is a former research scientist currently working with high tech companies in Silicon Valley.

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Giving Our Marines in Afghanistan Their Due and a Break

Jan 22, 2012 — Claude Sandroff

In our almost infinite comfort, having been asked to make not a single wartime sacrifice, we should simply look at the video showing urinating Marines and mutter, “So, what?  Our guys peed on the Taliban.”

Palin Will Fight for Energy and Against Crony Capitalism

Oct 11, 2011 — Claude Sandroff

Sarah Palin has decided against a 2012 presidential run and, with Chris Christie also bowing out, we are virtually guaranteed a more sedate and boring republican primary season characterized by overly staged debates.  And the intense grinding and filtering associated with the vetting process will probably result in our being forced to accept a candidate less conservative than we had hoped.

The Obama Legacy: Debt of $50,000 per Second

Aug 29, 2011 — Claude Sandroff

Barack Obama is three times the man George W. Bush was, at least as measured by the rate at which each was able to pile on to America’s debt.  In the first 945 days of his presidency Obama has amassed the debt it took Bush his full two terms to accumulate.  Behold, the profligate son!

Filling the Leadership Vacuum, Paul Ryan Addresses the Nation

Apr 9, 2011 — Claude Sandroff

Rep. Paul Ryan is not the president of the United States, it just feels that way.

America and Syria

Mar 30, 2011 — Claude Sandroff

- National Review

If Pres. Barack Obama prefers not to intervene on behalf of the protesters being slaughtered in Syria, the least his administration could do is refrain from endorsing their tyrant. In Obama’s speech Monday night about America’s interest in defending Libyans and standing alongside other freedom-seekers of the Arab world, Syria didn’t even rate a mention. That discussion was handled Sunday in remarks by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, speaking on CBS’s Face the Nation. Not only did Clinton nix any thoughts of action on Syria, she ran interference for Syria’s murderous president, Bashar Assad, saying: “Many of the members of Congress of both parties who have gone to Syria in recent months have said they believe he’s a reformer.”

Dreading Obama’s JFK Moment

Nov 28, 2010 — Claude Sandroff

Presidents can make historically awful decisions when the nation and the world begin to view their regimes as hopelessly weak, naïve and incompetent.  It was at such an ebb in JFK’s presidency that the first American military troops arrived in Vietnam, providing an opportunity for Kennedy to show the world that he was no pushover.

The Welcome “Extremism” of New York’s Carl Paladino

Oct 16, 2010 — Claude Sandroff

The liberal ruling class meme holds that the Tea Party is unleashing nutty extremist candidates onto the American political scene, and every successful Tea Party insurgent from Rand Paul to Sharon Angle to Joe Miller to Christine O’Donnell has had their fundamental sanity questioned at some point during their campaigns.

Who Needs Elections? Let’s Have Rove and Krauthammer Pick our Candidates

Sep 23, 2010 — Claude Sandroff

Karl Rove and Charles Krauthammer are furious at the Delaware voters for unseating the establishment RINO, Castle in favor of the tea party constitutionalist, O’Donnell.

The Righteous Tea Party Stampede Continues

Sep 3, 2010 — Claude Sandroff

The left wing kook fringe has issued a fatwa against Dick Armey, Chairman of FreedomWorks and one of the most recognizable promoters of the tea party crusade. Armey has recently called for a hostile tea party takeover of the Republican Party, and perhaps concerned that such a takeover might succeed, thereby completely transforming our decrepit two-party system, the left has decided to initiate hostilities of its own. FreedomWorks has determined that the threats issued against it are credible enough to justify a move to more secure headquarters.

The Mosque Is About Submission Not Tolerance

Aug 23, 2010 — Claude Sandroff

The Muslim sponsors of the 11-story, $100 million Cordoba House, to be built just blocks from ground zero, claim it will serve as a bridge between Islam and the West.  But its construction is inciting a level of anger that can only serve to mute potential dialog and, most sense that its location is really meant as provocation and humiliation. On one side of the issue, supporting the mosque, are Michael Bloomberg, Barack Obama and Hamas.  On the other side, are 70% of the American people.

Global Warming: Our Mistake, Never Mind

Aug 5, 2010 — Claude Sandroff

In a remarkable monograph, Roy W. Spencer presents hard evidence that 75% of the observed warming since the start of the 20th century is due to natural processes.  He offers a detailed model describing how one of these processes, the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO), operates in the real world.  Most importantly, he demonstrates that anthropomorphic global warming (AGW) is a minor contributor to a global climate largely insensitive to man-made CO2.

Nine Terrifying Words: I Am Barack Obama, And I’m Here To Help

Jun 26, 2010 — Claude Sandroff

With deep apologies to Ronald Reagan, who never imagined the apocalyptically low levels to which American governance could fall, these words might come to replace his original nine most terrifying in the English language:  I am Barack Obama, and I’m here to help. 

Fight for Repeal, Plan for Escape

Apr 18, 2010 — Claude Sandroff

Repeal and replace is a rallying cry worth supporting.  The Obamacare monstrosity, and the manner that it passed into law is a perfect reflection of the country’s deep schisms, as profound as in any period since the Civil War.

Secession, Military Coups and Other Happy Talk in the Age of Obama

Dec 4, 2009 — Claude Sandroff

Obama may be dismantling all that was exceptional and stabilizing about America as the world’s sole superpower, but fear not. Vermont, Texas or the right generals might save us yet. Though once billed as the great unifier, Obama is in fact breathing new life into a series of secession movements from the left and right, and sober discussions about benign military coups have begun to appear.

My Wife Didn’t Immigrate to America for This

Nov 2, 2009 — Claude Sandroff

A French-born and French-educated PhD engineer, my wife first came to the United States for post-doctoral study, then married an American and then become a US citizen.  Her idealization of America began when her vacationing parents sent her a post card from New York City in 1969.  The image of Manhattan’s skyline from the Brooklyn Bridge coupled with that summer’s images from the Apollo moon landing cemented her future.  She was going to be part of America’s exceptionalism when she grew up.

Doug Hoffmann is Tapping Into the Populist Revolt

Oct 26, 2009 — Claude Sandroff

Things seem to be looking up for conservatives.  Important books like Mark R. Levin’s “Liberty and Tyranny” and Michelle Malkin’s “Culture of Corruption”, are also wildly popular.  Glenn Beck and his colleagues at Fox are mopping up the competition.  Sarah Palin has had a monstrous, unprecedented reception for her unpublished memoirs.  And even usually tone-deaf, main stream Republicans seem able to say “no” occasionally to the liberal governing machine.