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A Mathematics and History Lesson for Conservative Candidates for President

Apr 28, 2015 — Dale Summitt

It was 1963, and I was a 16 year old high school junior, sitting attentively in an American History class, when our history teacher informed us that the national debt was 311.6 billion dollars.  Being good at math even then, it was not difficult, knowing the population stood at about 180 million in 1963, that the debt amount to approximately 1600.00 for every adult and minor child in America.

Stop the presses!  The real issue is Freedom of Expression!

Apr 7, 2015 — Dale Summitt

The nationwide furor deliberately created by the Fascist Gay Activists with contemptuous complicity by certain corporate ” brownshirts ” and the mass media over the solicited comments by the owners of a small pizzeria in a small Indiana community, was in fact, related directly to Freedom of Religion.

America: A nation divided against itself

Mar 30, 2015 — Dale Summitt

Abraham Lincoln, while campaigning for the U.S. Senate from Illinois, made a now-famous speech on June 16, 1858 in which, citing the irreconcilable North-South division of America on the eve of the civil war, said, ” a nation divided against itself cannot stand “;  The Dred Scott decision by the U.S. Supreme Court in the prior year 1857, is regarded by many historians to be the tipping point to the Civil War, because the ruling dictated that a slave was the property of the owner, even if that slave stepped onto free soil.  Anti-slavery abolitionists were outraged that a slave on free territory could now be forcibly removed by the law of the land, back to his or her owner in a slave state.

A Flyover Country Called “America”

Mar 21, 2015 — Dale Summitt

Founded more than two centuries ago as a Constitutional Republic named “The United States of America”, our citizens, particularly Constitutional Conservatives, increasingly refer to our nation as “a nation divided” or “two Americas”.  Even the left wing liberals agree that America has increasingly become a fiercely partisan, divided nation, particularly in the past 25 years.

Congress: America is No Longer a Republic!

Mar 4, 2015 — Dale Summitt


This message for all Americans is also an open letter to all 535 Members of the Congress of the United States.  Tonight is the eve of the date marking four months since the midterm elections of November 4, 2014, at which time Republicans captured solid majorities in both houses of Congress.  Voters let it be known loud and clear, across the land, in elections for Governorships, and other statewide and local elections, that we were totally exasperated by the evil and lawless agenda and actions of the socialist Obama administration.  We all heard truckloads of tough talk from Conservatives and Republicans regarding what their plans were come January of 2015, to use whatever means necessary to reverse course and return America to ” We, the People “.

Community Schoolmasters must run America’s local community schools

Feb 14, 2015 — Dale Summitt

During my own 36-year career as an educator, with considerable experience in private as well as public schools, I served as a classroom teacher, school principal and school district superintendent.  These traditional job titles notwithstanding, in my heart and mind my job would more aptly be described as ” Schoolmaster “.  The men and women who diligently taught our children and operated our local community schools were, until some time in the early 20th Century, called Schoolmasters.

The United States of America Was Founded As, and Historically Has Been, a Christian Nation

Jan 24, 2015 — Dale Summitt

Heated controversy and debate, filled with deep division between the political right and left, rages across America, over many issues.  One of the contentious issues is the claim on one side of the deep divide, adamantly claiming that America is not, nor ever was, a Christian nation.

The Right to Life vs. The Rights of Would-Be Immigrants

Jan 12, 2015 — Dale Summitt

Who has rights?  All people, including the unborn?  Or just aspiring immigrants and their sponsors? 

A historical irony that has apparently received no significant attention to date, occurred on January 22, 1973.  On that day, former President Lyndon B. Johnson, passed away from a heart attack at his ranch near Stonewall, Texas, and the United States Supreme Court voted to legalize the abortion of unborn children throughout the United States of America.