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David Billings is developing a new philosophy he calls “economic actualism” which may be seen in the near future at the upcoming website growingupnotold.com. He holds degrees in economics and commerce, social organization and human relations from Western University plus biological engineering from the University of Guelph.

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Lynch Mob: How Globalism Lost Its Purpose and Its Credibility Without Any Globalists Noticing

Sep 6, 2017 — David Billings

The pundits sound surprised by Brexit and Trump. None of the experts saw it coming. It’s shocking. It can’t be explained. Yet it was majority rule. How can majority rule be a secret in today’s information age?  Maybe our information is poor because our discussion is lacking.

Globalism is not becoming unpopular. It was never agreed to. It was never even discussed. If we had discussed “globalism”, the belief that life is better with long distance trade across international borders, then we would have used the term “localism”, the opposite belief that life is better with trade limited to the local community. You can not discuss brightness without the concept of darkness. You can not discuss globalism without the concept of localism, as a philosophy. But the word “localism” is not used to mean a philosophy but a mannerism such as playing hockey in Canada, baseball in the US or red telephone booths in Britain.